“The Only Way to Make Sense out of Change Is to Plunge Into It, Move With It, and Join the Dance” – Alan Watts

Written For and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Change, the only certainty in life; yet, we resist it. We fight so hard to keep things the same.  We argue with its reasoning and turn our backs to it. But no matter how hard we fight, it drags us – sometimes screaming and crying and sometimes with our teeth chattering in fear.

So I have wondered, what do we have to lose by admiring its waters and swimming with its current? Dancing with the trees as they sway in its winds? Inviting it in to illuminate the parts of us that need to grow?  What do we have to lose by plunging into it and moving with its rhythm? Our approach towards change can provide us with all of the difference in how we welcome the next season of our lives.

No matter our resistance or our fear, the leaves will fall in autumn and the flowers will bloom in spring. Change will come. Let’s go on this adventure with an open heart and an inquisitive soul.

Change is…

…A beautiful thing

The pull of the old
The first bloom of Spring
The letting it go
The holding on tight
The winter’s first snow
The love at first sight
The blow of a candle
The colors of leaves
The turn of the handle
The tide of the seas
The pain of goodbye
The light of the sun
The stars in the sky
The life that’s begun

Change is
A beautiful thing

“True Love Is Not Found. It Is Built” – Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

In many fairy tales, the happily ever after love stories are ingrained in our perspective of how love should come into our lives. We will find true love when the dragon is slain, or when the glass slipper fits; maybe even when we are kissed by the right person. Or when we are no longer mermaids and grow legs? Most of us know some of those stories, but we also know (all too well), love does not find us and we do not find love in any of those ways.

Love is not playing hide and go seek with us. Love first exists inside of ourselves and is projected out into the world based on how we perceive it, how we speak it, how we act in the name of it. It is available to be ours and for us to give away when we choose to. It is a home we can build with the foundation and the bricks of our choosing.

The foundation can be made up of many things we find of importance when loving someone and being loved in return. Trust, loyalty, understanding, genuineness – can all be amongst the foundation on which love is built. The bricks we use can be made up of the memories shared, milestones, the acts of love we have given and received. These bricks can also be the arguments, the misunderstandings, and the growth love has given us the privilege of experiencing.

From time to time, step outside of the front door of this home and admire it. Admire the way it was built and ensure the foundation is still solid. There may be some wear and tear, but with continued maintenance and attention, this home will forever be a place where love continues to grow.

“Put Down the Pen Someone Else Gave You. No One Ever Drafted a Life Worth Living on Borrowed Ink” – Jack Kerouac

Written For and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Here we are. With the pen of expectations. Creating a list of goals to achieve and marking off our to-do lists with a sense of accomplishment. We hang our degrees on the wall and read aloud our written success stories to feel that pat on the back, and quickly move on to write the next chapter to boast about and prove to the world we are worthy of praise. These are the stories we write, with an ink pen that may not be ours to begin with.

We began our chapters on blank pages. As a child, we wrote from our hearts. With limitless dreams, we wrote in color and included a picture. As the world became smaller, we were told what to be, what not to be, what to say, what not to say. That some of our dreams were so out of reach, the universe swallowed them whole and never allowed us to see a glimpse of them again, they were now somewhere beyond the stars.

But we continue to write our story; though, now, our hands are sometimes guided by outside expectations.  Expectations which force us to be whatever society demands of us.

So here we are. With the pen of expectations, continuing to write, but with a choice – a choice to put down the pen of writing guided by external expectations, or to give back the borrowed ink and introduce the colors back into our pages; our colors, our desires, our expectations, our dreams.  

We are worthy of not only praise, but of pulling our dreams back out of those stars. Onto writing of the next chapter, my hope for you is to see pictures included and limitless possibilities written.

“Sometimes You Get the Best Light From a Burning Bridge” – Don Henley

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Our journey in this life is sure to take us on some scenic adventures. Many of us have ended up in places we had never imagined being. Some of us are there now.

Tracing back our steps, there may have been bridges we decided to cross and some that we may have avoided. Our reason for either choice lives in the moment of those decisions. However, deciding to turn around, to stand in front of those bridges again, and to cross back over, may still be an option for some…but is it worth it?

Remember the person you were, standing in front of that bridge? The person who made the decision to either walk away from it or to cross it? Are you that same person standing at that same bridge again?

Remember the bridge and how it looked when you were standing in front of it? Was it strong and safe? Or was it worn and damaged? Is it in the same condition as it was in when you were standing in front of it?

If you turn away from this bridge and look to the horizon, do you see a better opportunity for growth, for change, for a better version of you? Or is this person on the other side of that bridge unchanged?

These questions nobody can honestly answer, but you. And if you decide to cross back over to start again, burn the bridge behind you, so it will provide the light you needed when you got lost and took the wrong turn. And if you decide to look to the horizon, and move on, burn the bridge behind you, so you may never question your decision again and be confident moving forward – With just a small flicker of your past, lighting the way.

“Each Moment Has an Unrealized Dimension of Beauty That Only Your Perspective Can Liberate” – Bryant McGill

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

“Live in the moment…” they always say – but for many of us, this action is fleeting. We become conscious of this for a little while and then fall back to our daydreams and our thoughts of yesterdays.

Bouncing from our hopes for the future to the memories of the past.  This is our perspective.

As we daydream, however, there exists a place waiting to be seen. It’s sitting in the blind spot of our anxieties. The anxieties about what we have planned for tomorrow and the mistakes from yesterday we do not want to repeat.

This place is a place of realization, a place of peace, a place free of the illusion of what could be and what was. This place is each present moment – the awareness of what IS.

How beautiful to be aware of what IS.

To be breathing, to be alive, to be conscious. To understand both yesterday and tomorrow only exists as an idea in our minds. To be able to experience what IS without having to dig it up in a memory or to picture it in a daydream of the future.

It is here, it is now, it is waiting to be seen and liberated. Open your eyes and greet this gracious reality. It is always there ready to be admired, embraced, and realized.

“The Human Heart Has Four Chambers. So Tell Me, If We Fill It With Fear, Hatred, With Doubt and With Reservations, Where Will We Grow Our Love?”– Bianca Sparacino

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Our hearts. The organ that pumps life throughout our bodies. Working every single minute of the day.

Our hearts. The organ that feels, that breaks, that heals, that expresses the nonverbal. The poet in our lives.

It is the size of our fists, but bears the world.  

In this bearing, it beats; with a heaviness or a weightlessness of our making.

In heaviness, it beats with constricting emotions. The hate, the fear, the anger, the sadness. The emotions that squeeze our hearts into pain and takes up every ample space with brokenness.

With every expansive beat, it aches, it rages, it worries, it weeps-constricting it back to a space where it is patiently waiting to be given a chance to mend its brokenness and heal.

In weightlessness, it beats with expansive emotions. The joy, the love, the forgiveness, the hope. The emotions that open our hearts into growth and looks to a limitless horizon.

With every expansive beat, it smiles, it grows, it learns, it embraces life-expanding further and radiating its weightlessness into the world as love and light, inviting others into expanding.

That is our hearts. Constricting to expand to limitless places if encouraged.