“Societies need self sacrificing ignorant crowd; Religions need fearful followers; Systems need obedient slaves; Corporate world needs compulsive consumers, and I NEED THE COURAGE TO RISE ABOVE THESE FOUR PARASITES.” -Saurabh Sharma

Courage is exhausting. Courage is an internal battle I fight daily and sometimes lose. Courage is the caffeine that wakes up the comfortably numb adult I have become. Courage is the IM in the IM-possible. Courage is the discovery of the undiscovered truth that creates more questions than answers. Courage is the sadness that overwhelms me with the awareness of how debilitating I have made myself by giving in to a parasitic life. Courage is sun gazing without the fear of going blind. Courage is the dancing in the rain. Courage is speaking the truth when the world would rather lies. Courage is choosing kindness instead of being right. Courage is hope in hopelessness. Courage is faith in faithless. Courage is the spark of fire in the depth of darkness. Courage is taking the first step on a 1000 mile journey. Courage is life in alive.

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