In Silence

“Silence is the language of god,
all else is poor translation.” -Rumi

In silence, it is loudest. The mind reveals all of the things it does not convey when the outside world drowns it out.
In silence, it is clear. The mirror of self-reflection is free of the fog from a steam filled room. In silence, lies die. The truth surfaces and stares at your soul until it is accepted. In silence, wisdom sits. The soundness of understanding comes to greet the openness of wordless space. In silence, judgment crumbles. Perceptions are stars in a dark sky, too far to illuminate. In silence, there is God. Drowned out from what the world claims God to be, a reflection of the dive in to the soul. The soul that holds the truth and is wise enough to extinguish perceptions.

In silence, God lives.

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