Enough in comparison
Enough in expectation

What you see outside, can never measure up on the inside.

Enough in the past
Enough in the future

What was done in past comes to haunt the future.

Enough in success
Enough in failure

What defines success, is the product of failure.

Enough in sadness
Enough in happiness

What happiness surfaces, sadness suffocates.

Enough in serenity
Enough in chaos

What serenity remains, chaos takes advantage of.

Enough in words
Enough in action

What words are spoken, actions speak louder.

Enough in thought
Enough in consciousness

What lingers in thought, consciousness dismisses.

Enough in humility
Enough in egoism

What inflates humility, deflates ego.

Enough in living
Enough in dying

What keeps living, is on the journey to dying.

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