A Woman is… and #awomanis Campaign

WordPress Colleagues and Friends,

A Woman is… launched on March 1st. A Woman is…is dedicated to Women from all around the world providing support, inspiration, and guidance to each other. Each and every women has their own definition of what “A Woman Is…” and this virtual online community is geared towards being an outlet and a resource for women to relate to other women around the world. Whether you are a single, married, divorced, or separated woman who is a mom, sister, grandmother, niece, or wife who works at home, for yourself or in the corporate world. This site connects you with like minded individuals! This online community of positivity provides you with additional meaning and fulfillment enabling you to attract more goodness into your life, day by day.

We have also launched the #awomanis Campaign.This is a campaign that is sponsored by A Woman is… to celebrate who we are as women both individually and collectively! This campaign is a visual social networking campaign inviting women to define what being a woman means to them. We invite individuals to share a picture of themselves in a setting that they feel most defines them as a woman. Since this is a visual campaign we encourage women to hold up a sheet of paper finishing the following statement, “A Woman Is… ______”. Hashtag the photo with #awomanis and it will appear on www.awomanis.me, our twitter page, instagram and facebook pages. Invite other women in your lives to participate as well. This campaign is about embracing who we are as women, our differences, our similarities, and everything that defines who we are at our core. We are inspiring, empowering and celebrating each other together. A Woman Is….Us!

We hope you will check out the website http://www.awomanis.me, facebook page http://www.facebook.com/awomanis and other social networking pages.

~A woman is…love & light

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