Conversation with Trees

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As I walk, upwards I gaze

Ask the trees, “what’s your message today?”

Begin my speech with a grateful heart

As my conversation with trees starts.

From my heart I let them know,

All of my secrets I bestow.

Confess my dreams and all my worries,

And tell them all of my great stories.

I often pause to just admire

Their essence in being, without desire.

And then I close my eyes to feel

All they find in me and heal.

While I continue to speak of me

The trees demand I stop and see

The beautiful gifts that I’ve been given

To “just be silent and listen.”

The rustling sounds of their branches

In the breeze their body dances

Twisting vines and falling leaves

A beautiful world it all weaves.

As my walk comes to an end

Thank you trees, for being a friend.

Thank you trees, for making me whole.

Thank you trees, for feeding my soul.

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