Let it go…

The burden that wears one down.

The smile that makes one frown.

The thought that stirs up confusion.

The picture that’s just an illusion.

The emotion that causes the fight.

The idea that serves nothing right.

The focus that wastes one’s time.

The reflection that lacks sublime.

The hurt that causes pain.

The notion of going insane.

The assumption, it’s all that we know.

All of the above, let it go.

2 thoughts on “Let it go…

  1. Great words to keep close to hand so we can read them anytime we’re feeling lost or worn down. I think just reviewing these words of wisdom would help turn most negative emotional states into a more inspired feeling. Well done. Warmest greetings, Sam 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much for your feedback Sam. I wrote this when I realized I DO have control over my emotional state. I DO have a choice in how I approach or perceive a situation. Sometimes it is so easy to forget we are the ones holding the key to that door of liberation and freedom 🙂

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