“If an Egg Is Broken by an outside Force, Life Ends. If Broken by an inside Force, Life Begins. Great Things Always Begin from the inside”-Jim Kwik

Written for and published in: The Seeds 4 Life

How many of us bear emotional scars? Scars from a cracked shell, seeping out our hope and faith in healing. How many of us have given in to anger and resentment, making us victims and prisoners of these hard felt emotions?

The burden of emotional scars, and the victimized imprisonment we occupy ourselves, lacks one important action; the antidote of self-reflection.

As we stare at our emotional scars and feel the shell continue to crack, we ignore the aspects of our being which is there to help us understand why we have allowed these scars to get to the point of escaping faith. We forget we have control to let go. We forget we hold the key to free ourselves from this prison we ourselves create. We forget, when things on the outside do not make sense, to go inward and understand our perspective, so we may understand our perception of the outside. We forget to close our eyes and to be our own friend.

There is magic in getting to know ourselves, getting to know the why’s of our emotional scars, and getting to know the key which liberates us from victimization. The magic transcends into the way we see others as well. We may no longer see others as the ones who created these scars and were the culprit of the emotions, but see them as our guides who came to guide us inward to find our magic. In this realization, we may find forgiveness and the love for self again.

When we allow the great things to begin from the inside, our example will inspire others to do the same. The most beautiful thing about magic is that when others see it, they believe as well.

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