A place in the world


Damascus, Syria
Because we don’t choose our place of birth

Some are born in hell on earth

Seeking  a place to belong

A place where they can sing their beautiful song

In hopes that one will take a listen

And hear the message in each note’s presence.

The message of love, the message of fear

The message of hoping to find a home here

It’s in that seeking one has to wonder

Why someone’s life is more of value than another

Where the death of one is humanistic

But a death of many is just statistic

And in the hopes to find this home

They leave behind all they’ve ever known

And trek along with a sea of souls

In search of safer dreams and goals

But the journey to freedom is met with resistance

Invisible borders challenge persistence

But the fear of returning to what is hell

Makes the journey to freedom something comforting to dwell.

For those born in better lands

Reach out and give a helping hand

Because we don’t choose our place of birth

It could have been you, born in hell on earth.
***dedicated to every refugee who has been forced out of their place of birth, their home, that one place in the world they’ve ever known***

I have deep respect for Doctors without borders. They are currently helping refugees and are also in Syria doing work. If there’s an interest to donate: http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/country-region/syria

6 thoughts on “A place in the world

  1. Very important words at this moment in history when we are seeing such a huge movement of people fleeing their homes in search of safety and peace, and we wait to see how the communities they travel to will respond to their presence. Warm greetings, Sam 🙂


    1. Thank you, Sam. This was inspired by a picture I saw. A little boy washed up on shore in Turkey. He had drowned, along with his brother and mother. It has made headlines all over the world. I can’t forget this picture, and to be honest, I don’t want to. It puts the petty “issues” I have into perspective.

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      1. Yes, I resonate with what you say. There is so much human suffering. This wave of refugees, and the tragic events that surround them, brings this so much more to light for those of us that live in more “privileged” circumstances. As Bhattacharya (The World of Tantra) writes: “…equipped to suffer this miserable world, and yet discover and enjoy its fullness. It is the greatest amongst the yogis alone who could be singing with this misery around.” Warm greetings, Sam


  2. Thank you so much for this deeply moving poem. These are really tough times and many people are forced to leave their homes behind. And as it looks, this is just the beginning of even larger migrations. The world is changing…

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