2 thoughts on “Fear and Creativity….

  1. hmmmm that’s one I need to think about. I know that anxious, fearful people usually have great imagination (about all the BAD things that could happen)…but that fear is ‘always’ triggered by creativity? My first impulse would be to say NO, that can’t be. As fear also closes down our creative mind, the side of us that is playful (another part of creativity) and freezes us….yet, when I go back to the quote it says that fear is triggered by creativity. So it may still be true, even if that same fear triggered by creativity then shuts us down.
    Excuse me for thinking out aloud. I guess I am struggling with this one.

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    • Maybe the fear of critics may keep some from creating?
      Fear and anxiety has always found an outlet in creating for me, personally. However, if I allow myself to wonder what some may think of my creative work, I do have a sense of anxiety and “fear”, but only for a few seconds 🙂

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