Humans of New York: Sharing Stories from refugees in Europe

Humans of New York (HONY) is currently sharing stories from refugees in Europe. These are stories that need to be read and shared. It is easy to remain disconnected from what is happening across the sea or across the border, but we are ONE world, ONE human race, ONE love.


The extent to which refugee children have been conditioned by their environment is heartbreaking. We wanted permission to take this young girl’s photograph, so we asked if her mother was nearby. Her eyes filled with the most uncontrollable fear that I’ve ever seen in a child. ‘Why do you want my mother?’ she asked. Later, her parents told us how the family had crouched in the woods while soldiers ransacked their house in Syria. More recently they’d been chased through the woods by Turkish police. After we’d spent a few minutes talking with her parents, she returned to being a child and could not stop hugging us, and laughing, and saying ‘I love you so much.’ But I went to sleep that night remembering the terror on her face when we first asked to speak to her mother.

4 thoughts on “Humans of New York: Sharing Stories from refugees in Europe

  1. ‘ONE world, ONE human race, ONE love.’ so beautifully expressed! 🙂

    Such an important post, thank you so much Lily for sharing this young girl’s story and refusing to buy into silence. Blessings, Deborah.


    • Thank you, Deborah!
      This is such a serious crisis. I don’t understand the blatant ignorance and the lack of empathy I have read and seen. So many of these stories are heartbreaking and unimaginable, but it’s happening. Every day.


  2. Hi Lily, although I understand the need for our societies to define people according to their circumstances (e.g. refugees, IDPs, migrants), as it places them within a legal framework, I think it is also part of the mechanism through which we disconnect ourselves from them. I believe it’s important to always remember that a refugee is first and foremost a human being, so for example: “HONY is currently sharing stories from fellow human beings, who have become refugees in Europe…” Thanks for continuing to shine the light on the plight of our brothers and sisters around the world, who are living through such hugely challenging circumstances. Love & blessings, Sam

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