Brings to shore what hides in the deep
To wash away uncertainties we keep
And then exposes what’s left in the sand
To give an opportunity to begin again

Collect your shells and write your name
But be prepared for the tide to claim
What you’ve shared and let go
Only you and sea, will know.

6 thoughts on “Tides

  1. Beautiful and divinely penned Lily … exquisitely so! The beauty and grace held within your flowing words makes my heart smile. The colours in the sky, sea are just incredible, an outer reflection of the harmony that lies deep within your poetic soul.. In whispers your poem speaks to the tides of the heart, tides of love. Your finishing line … ‘Only you and the sea, will know … was breath-taking! 🙂

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    1. Deborah, you are always so kind. I really appreciate you reading these posts and seeing everything I try to express in them. It is always so comforting knowing there is at least one person in the world that understands my form of expression.
      I really enjoy sunrises, especially when I am near the ocean. This particular morning, I sat outside, did my morning gratitude meditation and videoed so I could take that moment along with me after I left.
      I am originally from the northeastern coast of Brazil. My family practiced many of the Afrocentric traditions which was inherited from West African slaves who were brought to the region. In the Cadomblé tradition, every person has a mother or father spirit (or orixá). Mine was/is Yemanjá. She is the queen/spirit of the ocean. When anyone who has this spirit as the mother, the ocean is the place for offerings, meditation, gratitude and just being. I believe this has very much to do with my love and affinity for the ocean. I have a deep respect and admiration for it.

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  2. I have been living by the sea since I was eighteen and in pure synchronicity have written a poem about the Goddess Yemanjá which I’ll post as soon as I photograph a figurine I have of her. ‘Queen Spirit of the Ocean so aptly titled. Thank you for sharing your heritage Lily, I am deeply fascinated by cultural traditions and rituals as we are more than just the names on our family tree. Last year I discovered through a DNA test from my mother’s ancestral line (www.britaindna.com) that I originate from those people formerly known as ‘The Sea People’ which has been traced back over 40,000 … I reckon this goes a long way to explaining why I moved to those living waters and keep them forever in my horizon. Happy writing!


  3. Beautiful poem and video, Lily. I love the sea. I was born on an island so the seashore was a part of my daily life until I left to go to university. I never thought I could live somewhere that was far from the sea – and yet “Life” has brought me to a land-locked country (Switzerland) just to prove me wrong 😉 I also love what I call “the twilight zones” (dawn and dusk) as I find them to be filled with an almost magical energy; they sometimes feel like time portals. The dawn has the added element of generally being very quiet apart from the sounds of nature, making it a beautiful occasion for outdoor meditation. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂


    1. I have heard Switzerland is beautiful. I lived in Southern Germany for a couple of years (a small town by Ammersee). The mountains and lake Ammersee made for a beautiful scenery. I picture Switzerland to look that way:)
      I currently live a short few hours from the sea. Although I try to visit many times a year, a move closer is imminent.

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