Puzzle Pieces


With the edges cut to fit
Into each other’s cut out bits
Where each bit looks to be part
Of this creation of pure art
As we journey through this life
Puzzle pieces we will find
In each piece you’ll find the whole
In each piece you’ll find your soul

3 thoughts on “Puzzle Pieces

    • Thank you! It is interesting because as I was thinking about this piece, I was thinking of a single puzzle piece with no puzzle to fit into…and it was content not having a place to belong; but as I wrote it out, it flowed into one of inclusiveness.
      I would have preferred my eyes without glasses, but those are a puzzle piece that help me see better…so I guess it’s fitting 😉


      • Your last two lines read like ancient wisdom … there’s a poem in there I’m sure! In fact I find the whole theme around glasses interesting, mysterious and puzzle-fitting for sure … poets eh?! what are we like! 🙂


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