Surface Bullshit

Small talks to break the ice
First impression, surface nice.
But what lies there behind those eyes?
Who are you past your disguise?
What is setting that soul on fire?
What is keeping that heart inspired?
Not so interested in your threads;
A decorated shell you’ll one day shed.
What I want’s to be led inside,
To the dark corners of your mind.
To learn more about your being
And to see you through your seeing
Because what matters is how you tick
Under your shell and surface bullshit.

5 thoughts on “Surface Bullshit

  1. Superbly penned, great rhymes. Love this poem Lily! Once more, image and verse blending perfectly! ‘Surface bullshit’ so aptly titled and a subject not discussed often enough. Beautiful soul whispering.


    • This was inspired by your internal and external like button blog piece. I have thought about it every day and was finally able to find the words to express what I have been thinking. Thank you for the inspiration.


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