The Unknown

The unknown, a place of mystery
With potentiality for creativity
But the mind can travel to many places
Creating worry, confusing mazes
Evoking fear and anxious dreams
With a darkness black, no light may gleam

But in this traveling of the mind
Why is the unknown so unkind?
Why not invite the mind to go
Where mystery lives in a beautiful glow?

Fear will never stand a chance
Against the love you place in this dance
Between yourself and the faith you hold
And in the stories that’ll soon be told

2 thoughts on “The Unknown

  1. I am deeply impressed by the depth and reflection in your poem Lily. ‘Light-ed’ words that travel far into the darkness, illuminating the walls of the cave, Plato’s even. Deep, rich poetry. Well written.


    1. Thank you, Deborah. Life has interesting timing. My mind tends to go to those dark alleys of the unknown and I am reminding myself to invite in some light to illuminate that path:)


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