Where love may live


I am sorry child, I have brought you here
I know this place is scary
It seems it’s filled with so much hate
A burden for you to carry

I’ll hold your hand
To let you know
The world is good and kind
Do not let shadows
Scare your heart
Begin with the love inside

And when the world
Begins to weep
Let your light shine through
For a better world
Where love may live
Will also begin with you

6 thoughts on “Where love may live

  1. Explicitly free and frank expression. How many of us ACTUALLY prepare our body, mind and our being to bring-in a good soul into this world…that is a big question in today’s world.


    1. I agree, Dev. Pointing fingers at others and criticizing what they do is not changing our world for the better. If we can look at ourselves and be the example we wish to see (as Mahatma Gandhi once said) in the world, this world can become a better place. Teaching our children THEY also have the power and abilities to make this world better. BE THE CHANGE!

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      1. All logics are laced with limitations of individual comprehension – which again is influenced by our conditioning.
        Ignorance, lack of sincerity towards oneself and subjective interpretations distort the reality of a massage; Consequently, transposing a religious law into the different context.

        Sight has no benefit in the absence of light. Unless we have light within, we are not capable to lead without.
        FIRST, YOU NEED TO “BE” and then be changed.

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