“Into The Forest I Go…

…to lose my mind and find my soul…”
To take my heart to nature’s beat
To soothe my eyes and deeply breathe.
To give my ears to singing birds
To silence thoughts and spoken words
To feel the sun through canopy’s dome
To give my soul a place to call home.

5 thoughts on ““Into The Forest I Go…

  1. My son just passed away I’m May, 2016. He was a master arborist, and we lived in a wooded area, bought the house next to him for me to live in. His passing was a tragic unnecessary thing. He was found lying where his favorite tree had fallen over a few years ago. He never knew that my maiden’s name has been traced back to the 1600’s. grover, meaning the keeper of a he groves. Today has been a little difficult but coming across this sight has helped somehow. Thank you.


    1. Dearest Sharon,

      My condolences to you and your family. Thank you for sharing such an intimately tragic experience in your life.

      I am grateful today has brought you to read “Into the forest I go…” and to see the photograph of the beautiful trees I took at a state park in Georgia (USA).

      Would you ever consider planting a tree in your son’s honor? Next to your home, where you may admire it and watch it grow?

      I hope the days becomes less difficult and you continue to find solace in the trees.

      With Love,


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