“The Human Heart Has Four Chambers. So Tell Me, If We Fill It With Fear, Hatred, With Doubt and With Reservations, Where Will We Grow Our Love?”– Bianca Sparacino

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Our hearts. The organ that pumps life throughout our bodies. Working every single minute of the day.

Our hearts. The organ that feels, that breaks, that heals, that expresses the nonverbal. The poet in our lives.

It is the size of our fists, but bears the world.  

In this bearing, it beats; with a heaviness or a weightlessness of our making.

In heaviness, it beats with constricting emotions. The hate, the fear, the anger, the sadness. The emotions that squeeze our hearts into pain and takes up every ample space with brokenness.

With every expansive beat, it aches, it rages, it worries, it weeps-constricting it back to a space where it is patiently waiting to be given a chance to mend its brokenness and heal.

In weightlessness, it beats with expansive emotions. The joy, the love, the forgiveness, the hope. The emotions that open our hearts into growth and looks to a limitless horizon.

With every expansive beat, it smiles, it grows, it learns, it embraces life-expanding further and radiating its weightlessness into the world as love and light, inviting others into expanding.

That is our hearts. Constricting to expand to limitless places if encouraged.

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