“When the Winds of Change Blow, Some People Build Walls and Others Build Windmills” – Chinese Proverb

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Some days the winds of change are light and some days a gust blows through and topples trees and levels homes. It seems as though a strong gust has blown right through many of our lives recently. Some of our homes are in shambles, and others are in need of minor repairs.

So what do we do? Curse the wind and hope it will have mercy the next time?  Or do we plant more trees and build stronger walls?  Change our perspective? Perhaps, these winds of change can benefit our survival? Perhaps, it arrives to blow away yesterday’s worries so we may begin again with a clean canvas; A foundation to build upon an improved version of ourselves, our homes, our world.

When the gust blows again, surely our homes will survive unscathed? Because the wind has taught us that when we break, we are to build ourselves stronger. When we lose our trees, we are to build new ones. And when it blows away our today, we are to look to accept it as a gift, a new foundation to apply our greater selves with a restored perspective for tomorrow.

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