“We Often Are the Clouds That Block the Sun From Shining on Our Day.” -Uknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

The dawn is breaking; the sunrise begins to greet us through our window curtains. A new day has begun. Are we jumping out of bed, whispering “THANK YOU,” or are we pulling the covers over our heads cursing the daylight’s greeting?

The sun is above us now, shining bright. It is flirting with lakes and oceans, gifting them with glistening reflections of the sky. Are we allowing the sun to embrace us with its warmth? Or are we running from our shadow?

Dusk is creeping in and twilight will soon color the horizon. As the sun kisses the trees good night, are we in gratitude for the day or are we already living in tomorrow?

For the rest of our lifetime, the sun will rise, will play across the sky, and make its way to set. It will be the constant company to our day; behind storm clouds or in clear blue skies. Look up from time to time and be in gratitude for this daily visit.

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