“Don’t Judge Everyone Else by Your Limited Experience.” – Carl Sagan

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Sitting in the stands, watching a game of soccer, we cheer on our team and celebrate each score. We shout when displeased with a bad call and share the nervousness when there is little time left and one more goal could win the game, all from the stands as spectators.

For the players, it is a different experience. Their action dictates our reaction. To the players, the stand is their motivation and they will perhaps feel the disappointment of not meeting expectation hardest. Many of us have never experienced this perspective because our journey has taken us elsewhere. Our journey has sat us in the stands watching another’s experience as if it were our own, but yet never walking in their shoes.

Although the shared empathy of the player-spectator relationship is one to be admired, it is one to also remind us that our perspective is limited to our own experience. It is one, which can teach us, different people experience the same situation many different ways. We cannot judge how it is experienced because we are seeing this life from the perspective we have created with our own life’s experiences.

How enriching it is to realize the world is seen through many different lenses. How fortunate we are, to invite the player into our perspective and being allowed to share in the experience of a player’s perspective. It is a beautiful game, this life, and even more beautiful if we realize and engage in the realization that our experiences are limited. The many players in our lives can provide an even more insightful and beautiful view if we free ourselves from judging them sitting in the stands we have decided to see the world from.

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