2 thoughts on “Shores, Sky, Depths, and Tides

  1. Greetings!
    For a English paper I had to research what the meaning a truth is, and I stumbled across your thoughts about the Rachel Wolchin quote “Before the truth can set you free you need to recognize which life is holding you hostage”. I thought it was brilliant, so I started reading some of your own writing her in your page. You are a magnificent writer! I just wanted to let you know that, and also let you know that, if it is alright with you, I would like to quote your writings on the Rachel Wilchin quote. I will cite your page and give you the credit. I hope you have an amazing day!

    Hannah Graham, a 10th grader from Alaska.


    • Hello, Hannah.
      Thank you for the sweet compliment and of course you are more than welcome to use what you need for your paper. I am intrigued by your topic and am certain you’ll do well on your paper. I hope you have a successful school year.


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