Your Sacred Space Is Where You Can Find Yourself Again and Again – Joseph Campbell

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

In this overexposed society, it is essential to keep some of ourselves sacred. We are so quick to invite the world into our space, into our mind, into our heart. Often times casting the net to see whom we may catch that align with our invitation. Sometimes, however, we unintentionally appeal undesirable opinions and are left to the mercy of our grounded spirit to take these opinions in with empathy and breathe it back out with love.

Our space, our mind, and our heart hold both, our spirit and ego. Ego is the surface shell we constantly need to ensure is worthy, is good, is valid, while spirit holds our sacred existence with grounded conviction. Ego is the one reaching out and inviting the world in, while spirit is the one BEING. While Ego reaches out and invites the world in, the sacred space to BE becomes small and corners spirit tightly into a corner, sometimes suffocating the life right out of it.

In this overexposed society, reserve the sacred space for spirit. Ego will survive if its invitation does not go out today. It will survive if spirit decides to sit with trees instead of with a television set. It will survive if spirit decides to look up at stars instead of scrolling through social media feeds. It will survive if spirit decides to enjoy the silence instead of the loud chatter of the world. It will survive and it may even realize that it needs to allow for spirit its sacred space in order to invite the world in that it intends to.

3 thoughts on “Your Sacred Space Is Where You Can Find Yourself Again and Again – Joseph Campbell

  1. This is beautiful. I have often thought about this myself. I am such a “giver” so to speak. I love opening myself up and being available for people to come to in times of need or when they are searching for something in their spiritual lives. I always want to help. However, I have come to realize that I too often leave myself vulnerable because I offer my sacred space too willingly and haphazardly. I have learned that encouraging others to nurture their own sacred space is a much healthier and wiser way of helping. I also used to think that it made me a better person to share my sacred space with others. That is just not the case. It actually only makes us vulnerable. Thank you for sharing this. Love your blog. You are a beautiful writer.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the nice compliment. Thank you.
      You and I are learning the same lesson. It’s been a journey and I have also finally come to realize sacred space is essential for well being. It’s encouraging and comforting knowing others are on this journey as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Enjoy the sacred space. ❤️


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