“Wherever You Go, There You Are” – Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

We sit and look around wishing for a change of scenery. Maybe to more tropical climates. Maybe far away from the hustle and bustle of life. Maybe closer to the sea or far into the woods. Wherever it may be, we are calling for a change of scenery.  Apparently, where we sit now is not fulfilling our spirit. What we see is not feeding our soul. We are not connected to the place we are living in.

A change of scenery is calling.

And some of us will answer that call and move ourselves to these places. To warmer climates. Closer to the sea or into the woods. We will again seek fulfillment for our spirit, for our soul. Looking outside to the world to fill our cup. And then we realize, this change of scenery is not what we thought it would be.

The beauty of a new place fades, we still seek fulfillment, we still seek.

Until we see our reflection in that window looking out into the world, we see ourselves. The same eyes, the same spirit, the same soul, waiting for the change of scenery to give us whatever we are asking for.  But how can a change of scenery give us – the same eyes, the same spirit, the same soul – the fulfillment we are demanding?

How can an unchanged perspective invite in change? How can a closed mind accept something different? How can we seek SOUL food when we stuff ourselves with egoic waste?

The change of scenery will not be a CHANGE of scenery unless we ourselves are open to the CHANGE. Wherever we go, there we are. We are always the common denominator in life. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. If we want change, we need to begin with ourselves FIRST, because once we are able to “change the way we look at things, things change.” And it is quite possible that wherever we are sitting today, is actually the perfect place for our spirit and soul to grow. Eventually guiding us to a change of scenery for a fulfilled spirit, fed soul, and a better connection to life.

2 thoughts on ““Wherever You Go, There You Are” – Unknown

  1. What I am seeking for on a daily basis. I look at my life and feel the emptiness inside me, I for some reason think staying in a new province would give me some sort of joy and happiness. It does not help that I am lonely, have absolutely no friends and very much gate my job. AND yet my job us the only reason I ever get out of my apartment. Worse I am educated ,have a qualification and still I don’t know what I want to do with my life,I am completely blank. That’s probably the hardest part of my life , I don’t have dreams (my only known dream is to be happy) I basically just live and survive through each day.
    I know what you mentioned in your blog is true , moving to a different province won’t make my life any better because I will still be the same person inside (the anti social introvert ). I will most probably still be clueless about my dreams. So after a while of being in a new place I go back to being miserable.

    ☝️knowing all this has not helped me in any way. It’s like I know what I have to do to stop being miserable but for some reason can’t bring myself to doing it.

    🤔I can change certain aspects of my life ,invest my time into making friends then that could change my life for the better. Surround myself with positive minded people 🤷‍♀️ , maybe that could work.

    Here I am pouring out my sad life story on your marvelous blog 😐my apologies.
    Your really good by the way , your writing style is on point👌, very easy to comprehend.

    Thank you 😚

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    1. Hello, Tshepi. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with me. There is nothing to apologize about. I appreciate you sharing.

      There are so many people that share your sentiment about life. Where their LIVING does not align with their PULL. Living, what you do day to day. Pull, what you would rather be doing (or not doing). Some people feel stuck. I know I have. I felt stuck for a long time. Then, I realized it was my mindset that had me stuck there. The way I looked at my life. I felt as if everything was going against me and my aspirations. There came a time when I didn’t even believe in my aspirations anymore. I just accepted the mundane and floated through life. Like you said, surviving another day. It was all gray. No color.

      What helped me was spending time in nature. I am also an introvert. I decided to discover nature parks where I lived. I ventured out on hikes and took up nature photography. Just with an iPhone. Nothing fancy. But that time with the trees, rain or shine, taught me a lot about the process of growth, life, beauty, acceptance, and mindset.
      I could look at a rainy day and decide, “Ugh, just ugly.” or I could put on my rain-boots, raincoat, get my umbrella, and venture out. I did this many times. Got rained on many times, and loved every minute. I also took opportunities to watch the sunrise and sunset. Yes, those happen every day, but have you ever just sat and watched? How the sky changes colors and how those last bits of sun rays makes your surroundings look? Again, mindset. “Just another sunrise/sunset?” or “Wow, look at those colors!!”
      Finally, I practice gratitude. I am so grateful for my life. Even the crazy days. Each breath, a gift! It really is. Try holding your breath for 30 seconds. It gets hard at the end, but then you take that first deep breath….ahhhh! A GIFT!

      Your life is not sad at all. It’s just not aligned. It’s actually screaming loudly at you to align itself.
      And the good news is, ONE DAY AT A TIME. You don’t have to figure it all out today, but notice what makes you happy. Even if it is the first sip of coffee (or tea) in the morning. Or wearing your favorite shirt. Notice those things and enjoy that moment. Be grateful for that moment.
      One day at a time.
      Also, Mindset is EVERYTHING. It is the filter you are seeing yourself and your world through.
      I believe in you and in your happiness. Why? Because you are already working towards making a change. How do I know that? Because you shared your story.
      Love and Light, Tshepi!


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