Conversations with a Sunflower

She told me “Face the sun
Follow it across the sky
And when the night begins to fall
Close your eyes and grace it bye”
She told me “Face the East,
The sun will rise once more
And when the darkness pitches black
Watch the horizon open its door.”
I did as she said
I am facing the sun
Following it across the sky
I see a darkness come
And will grace the sun with bye
And then I’ll face the East again
And trust the sun’s return
I’ll welcome the pitch black with faith
And will watch the horizon burn


Sometimes I’d rather watch the storms roll in
To observe the chaos and give it space
To see myself in everything
Heavy clouds
Blinding rain
Violent wind
Roaring thunder
Flickering lighting
And the hypocrisy of the peace that follows
This quiet after the storm
Did not arrive without the chaos
The quiet arrived after the wrath
After the clouds released
After the winds released
After the energy was released
So I see myself
I absorb and am reminded to

The Long Road

It’s a long road
The road to healing
At times unpaved
We may get lost
Towards more scenic routes
Where the heart is burst open
And Sunrise shimmer with colors
So Sunsets can paint the sky
Finding our way again
With a surer self
Until we realize
It’s in the uncertainty
We feel at home
So, travel on
That long road.
But keep the heart open
And take your SELF along.


Ignorance breeds fear
Fear breeds hate
Hate breeds anger
Anger becomes fate

Fate of the ignorant
Shiny fake gold
Can love exist
In a heart that is cold?

If knowledge breeds understanding
Understanding breeds acceptance
Acceptance breeds love
Love becomes transcendent

Humble Yourself

COVID-19 says-Humble yourself. I do not care how old you are, where you’re from, what your skin color is, how much money you have, how many people know of you. I do not care about your plans for today or your plans for tomorrow. I do not care what you fear or what you love.

SPIRIT says-Humble yourself. Suffering is a human condition. It lives and is practiced in the mind. Fear is a human condition. It lives and is perceived in the mind. Change is constant, transformation is inevitable. The unknown does not exist until it becomes the present.

Be where you are. Embrace the human condition. Surrender to the transformation.

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

CH. 38

10. Hear the words, but note the action.

9. Keep your side of the street clean.

8. Love language matters. If they matter to you, know what their love language is.

7. Take nothing personally. Most of us are projecting our own shit on each other.

6. Don’t be distracted by the bullshit covered in fake grass.

5. Mindset is everything.

4. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.”

3. Consistency is the most necessary ingredient.

2. “Speak only if it improves upon the silence.”

1. Be kind, be love, but have boundaries like a motherfucker!

Enemies & Haters

Allow your perspective to see the ENEMY and the HATER as a TEACHER. Take their negative energy and alchemize it into GROWTH for yourself. We give our POWER away when we DEFINE them as someone who is against us. The enemy and hater only live within. Our perspective of every person we meet, is a reflection of ourselves. When we see others as teachers, we are able to apply the necessary knowledge, competence, and virtue to the parts of ourselves that needs to CONQUER the enemy and SILENCE the hater. Understand: opposition, hostility, hate, and criticism, is more about the internal world of the person holding these than it is about the person being opposed, hated, and criticized. WE are responsible for our reaction. React with your HIGHEST good in the driver’s seat.


I Do Not Stand Alone


I do not stand alone
I stand with all that is behind me
I stand with what is yet to come
I stand with how they have defined me
I stand with all that I have won
I stand with strength that I have earned
I stand with love I have received
I stand with faith that I have kept
I stand with what I have believed
I stand with heart
I stand with soul
I stand with what it is I AM
I do not stand alone

CH. 37

10. Self love includes silence.

9. People can only meet you, as deeply as they’ve met themselves.

8. Pay it forward.

7. When a plant is dying, don’t change the plant, change its environment.

6. What we expect from others needs to be expected of ourselves by ourselves as well.

5. Consistency is the most important ingredient.

4. Gratitude.

3. If they don’t know you, don’t take it personally. If they know you, there’s nothing to take personally.

2. Set the intention every morning. Forgive yourself every night.

1. It’s all temporary.