Today I’m Alive

Today I’m Alive. With Gratitude I open my eyes Today I’m Alive.

Today I’m Alive. With an open heart I receive this present “Thank you” I say to the sun, crescent Today I’m Alive.

Today I’m Alive. With intentions made I welcome the day, and with one step at a time I discover my way Today I’m Alive.

Today I’m Alive. With an ambitious ego, I seek the balance With a trusting soul, I listen to the silence Today I’m Alive.

Today I’m Alive.



Be Kind, for kindness sparks hope. Hope in humanity, hope in tomorrow and hope in self.

Be Genuine, for a genuine person is sincere in their intentions. Sincere intentions leave no room for doubt.

Be Accepting, for acceptance recognizes we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Be Honest,  for honesty is the warrior which fights fear. We only lie when we are afraid. Don’t be afraid, be honest.

Be Compassionate, for compassion is the helping hand that pulls the world out of its deepest rut.

Be Simple, for simplicity opens us up to the freedom from the complexities we create for ourselves.

Be Connected, for we are all one. Our actions cause other’s reactions.

Be Brave, for bravery is the POSSIBLE in the IMPOSSIBLE. IM POSSIBLE!

Be Love, for Love is the universal language of kindness, genuinity, acceptance, honesty, compassion, simplicity, connectedness, and bravery.

Be Kind. Be Genuine. Be Accepting. Be Honest. Be Compassionate. Be Simple. Be Connected. Be Brave. Be Love. Be the Change.

A Woman is… and #awomanis Campaign

WordPress Colleagues and Friends,

A Woman is… launched on March 1st. A Woman is…is dedicated to Women from all around the world providing support, inspiration, and guidance to each other. Each and every women has their own definition of what “A Woman Is…” and this virtual online community is geared towards being an outlet and a resource for women to relate to other women around the world. Whether you are a single, married, divorced, or separated woman who is a mom, sister, grandmother, niece, or wife who works at home, for yourself or in the corporate world. This site connects you with like minded individuals! This online community of positivity provides you with additional meaning and fulfillment enabling you to attract more goodness into your life, day by day.

We have also launched the #awomanis Campaign.This is a campaign that is sponsored by A Woman is… to celebrate who we are as women both individually and collectively! This campaign is a visual social networking campaign inviting women to define what being a woman means to them. We invite individuals to share a picture of themselves in a setting that they feel most defines them as a woman. Since this is a visual campaign we encourage women to hold up a sheet of paper finishing the following statement, “A Woman Is… ______”. Hashtag the photo with #awomanis and it will appear on, our twitter page, instagram and facebook pages. Invite other women in your lives to participate as well. This campaign is about embracing who we are as women, our differences, our similarities, and everything that defines who we are at our core. We are inspiring, empowering and celebrating each other together. A Woman Is….Us!

We hope you will check out the website, facebook page and other social networking pages.

~A woman is…love & light

And so I did….

I have let dreams be dreams
Out of my line of vision
flying too high to grasp.

I have veered towards paved roads
safe and well kept
yet so easy to get lost.

And so I did. Lost I am.
I have let dreams be dreams
Out of my line of vision
flying too high to grasp.

I have packed my bag heavy
carrying it without complaint
walking down that paved road
with eyes to the painted horizon.

And so I continue. Looking to that painted Horizon.
I have let dreams be dreams
Out of my line of vision
flying too high to grasp.

I have accepted a new vision
one that keeps my feet planted
like a tree only to enjoy the breeze

And so I did. Said goodbye to my dreams.
I have let dreams be dreams
Out of my line of vision
flying too high to grasp.

The Woman

The giver, the keeper, the glue.
The Woman
The sensuous, the lover, the companion.
The Woman
The rock, the tree, the river
The Woman
The voice, the solitude, the anguish
The Woman
The wrath, the war, the peace
The Woman
The depth, the pleasure, the pain
The Woman
The sun, the moon, the star
The Woman
The birth, the life, the death
The Woman

Your Heaven, Their Hell

In your heaven, dinner is served.
In their hell, hunger pains keep them unnerved.
In your heaven, doors stay unlocked.
In their hell, boundaries are mocked.
In your heaven, a child runs free
In their hell, a caged bird dreams of a tree
In your heaven, the sky is clear
In their hell, bombs rain down on fear
In your heaven, your neighbor is like you
In their hell, prejudice and racism ring true
In your heaven, time is but time
In their hell, days are spent avoiding death’s chime
In your heaven, life is but a dream
In their hell, struggle is the theme.
In your heaven, god is good
In their hell, why are their prayers misunderstood?

In your heaven, a blindfold is worn.
So not to see, it’s in their hell, where your heaven was born.

Wise Tree

Wise Tree, share your secrets with me.
Tell me how you patiently wait
knowing your predictable fate.
Watching you reach up towards the sun
to feed your leaves, one by one.
Standing tall in heavy rain,
while roots soak up which that remains.
Wise tree, share your secrets with me.
Tell me how you live your dreams
with nowhere to go, so it seems.
Watching you dance in the nice breeze
savoring life with incredible ease,
while many guests climb your branches
use you as shelter and second chances.
Wise tree, share your secrets with me.
Tell me how you sleep so tight
breathe out for my breathing right.
Tell me how you stay to grow
and how your wisdom came to show.
Wise tree, now I see. You have grown to simply be.