Allow yourself to float away
to go explore, get lost for days
Allow yourself to chase a dream
to look at stars and bathe in streams
Allow yourself to love a heart
to seek a home and create some art
Allow yourself to be alive
to feel the sun and be revived.

Soul Searching


Soul searching leads us places fear will not dare go.
But finding what ignites the soul
Is worth the risk to know.
If guided by a silent hunch or
Loud and blatant signs,
Keep on searching fearlessly for
What it’s trying to find.

“The Only Way to Make Sense out of Change Is to Plunge Into It, Move With It, and Join the Dance” – Alan Watts

Written For and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Change, the only certainty in life; yet, we resist it. We fight so hard to keep things the same.  We argue with its reasoning and turn our backs to it. But no matter how hard we fight, it drags us – sometimes screaming and crying and sometimes with our teeth chattering in fear.

So I have wondered, what do we have to lose by admiring its waters and swimming with its current? Dancing with the trees as they sway in its winds? Inviting it in to illuminate the parts of us that need to grow?  What do we have to lose by plunging into it and moving with its rhythm? Our approach towards change can provide us with all of the difference in how we welcome the next season of our lives.

No matter our resistance or our fear, the leaves will fall in autumn and the flowers will bloom in spring. Change will come. Let’s go on this adventure with an open heart and an inquisitive soul.

Closed Chapter


Close this chapter, the words are done
It’s time to continue, yesterday is gone
A new chapter awaits your presence
Shed your past’s skin, but take the lessons

Close this chapter, resume your story
Tomorrow will come, with all of its glory
Take your intentions and make them pure
Whatever is to come, is ready to be yours

“Into The Forest I Go…

…to lose my mind and find my soul…”
To take my heart to nature’s beat
To soothe my eyes and deeply breathe.
To give my ears to singing birds
To silence thoughts and spoken words
To feel the sun through canopy’s dome
To give my soul a place to call home.

The road less traveled.

Travel the roads which are often less traveled
Go on this path and have it unravel
A story of adventures of the unknown
Each chapter written with the pen that you hold
Embrace the unexpected and flow with the changes
Life is a journey expressed on blank pages.