“Life Is Only a Reflection of What We Allow Ourselves to See” – Trudy Symeonakis Vesotsky

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life

What kind of lens are you seeing life through?

Is it the lens of bitterness? Reflecting a life of resentment and disappointments? Where anger bubbles on the surface and keeps your heart hardened?  

Is it the lens of contentment? Reflecting a life of joy and progress? Accepting this beautiful gift that’s life and extending your hand to journey with it?

Is it the lens of fear?
Reflecting a life of living so far from the edge, you can’t even feel the breeze of possibilities?

Is it the lens of courage?
Reflecting a life of opportunities taken and the growth experienced from jumping into faith?

Is it the lens of victimization?
Reflecting a life of pointing the finger at everyone and everything you have convinced yourself is at fault for where you are?

Is it the lens of love?
Reflecting a life of complete compassion? Compassion for yourself? Compassion for others?

I ask you again? What kind of lens are you seeing life through? If it is one that is not fueling the constructive evolution of your being, change the lens.

You hold the power in the vision and how life reflects back what you allow yourself to see.

“What You Resist Persists”– Carl Jung

Written for and published in The Seeds 4 Life

We have resisted anger. We have resisted sadness. We have put on a brave face when our insides were defeated and we have smiled when our insides were sobbing. Did this resistance ever make those feelings and emotions go away? Or did the resistance serve as a mask, slowly fading with every time we resisted what was happening to us?

We have resisted people. We have resisted problems. We have pretended they did not exist and we have pretended they would solve themselves. Did this resistance ever make those people and problems disappear? Or did the resistance present those people and problems in different areas of your life and in inopportune times?

We can run, we can hide, we can resist until we are exhausted. However, resisting is lacking the courage to confront the ghost that needs for us to tell it we see it and we know it’s there. This ghost will continue to haunt us until it is acknowledged, it will persist until it is no longer resisted. Until we tell it “I know you are there anger, I understand why you are angry. I accept you and I am working to make sure you can go in peace.” Or “I know you are there, problem. I am addressing you. I am strong and am working to solve you so you may go in peace.” And know, when they go in peace, you will have peace.

Resisting is like fighting a war to have peace. No war can be fought to have peace. So don’t fight a war, invite what you are resisting in. Have some coffee, some pastries, lively conversations, and send it on its way. Set the table for the next visitor you have been resisting because they will come knocking sooner or later.

“Where Your Mind Goes, Energy Flows”– Ernest Holmes

Written for and published in The Seeds 4 Life

“Where Your Mind Goes, Energy Flows”– Ernest Holmes

How many mountains began as mole hills? Remember what made them grow so big? Were you focusing on the problem or the solution?

How many opportunities began as an exciting adventure, then was lost in the abyss of fear? Remember what sent it into the black hole to never be entertained again? Were you focusing on the excitement of the adventure or everything that may go wrong on the journey?

How many people have you pushed out of your life? Remember what made you push them away? Were you focusing on all the reasons why you were deserving of the love or all the reasons why you were undeserving of the love?

Answering these questions for ourselves may help us understand that our focus dictates the attitude of our journey and the state of our destination. We can let our mind wander to its darkest corners where it tells us the sad and scary stories, paralyzing and convincing us that those corners are the safest space to live in. We can let our mind wander to its open fields, where the horizon is inviting us on a journey to discover self, people, love, and the miracles of the unknown.

If to dark corners or open fields, our mind’s wandering will take our energy right along. Our approach to life is the beginning of this mind walking. Approach life focusing on the dark corners and the mind will take you there dragging your energy with it – depleted, afraid, hopeless, and sad. Approach life focusing on the open fields and the mind will take you there skipping along with energy – excited, amazed, and grateful in adoration.

Every morning when we open our eyes, we can take an inspiring stroll or lock ourselves away. I hope, for energy’s sake, we all choose an inspiring stroll. Happy wandering, friends.

Love Language


What’s the love language that speaks to you

For you to believe one’s love is true?

What’s the way for one to solve

How to win your heart and love?

Are you the one that takes to words?

It’s not the action, it’s what you heard?

It’s the “I love you, dear. You’re beautiful”

That makes the love so wonderful?

Are you the one that needs to see

A promise in action without plea?

The doing after the “..it will be done”?

Is that how your lovely heart is won?

Are you the one that likes a box?

Flowers, diamonds, gifts unlock

The love that your heart loosely holds?

Unwrapping gifts, then love unfolds?

Are you the one that needs the time

Of the one you love to feel sublime?

To have attention that’s undivided

Is that how you want love provided?

Are you the one that needs to feel

The lips, the hands, the touch that’s real?

To have their body next to yours

Is that how love for you is ensured?

How love speaks to you, I may not know

But consider knowing how YOUR love flows

So we may love and get in return

The love we give and the love we yearn.

Beautiful Child

I know your home is not like most.

I know your life has not been much to boast.

I know some days you may feel scared,

You may feel judged, and in despair.

I know you pray for better days.

I know you don’t understand their ways.

I know you feel you carry the world.

And all you want is to be a “normal” girl.

But I am here to share with you,

I was once that little girl too.

Now you see, my beautiful child,

You have the universe inside.

Life will deliver wonderful things.

Believe in yourself, my angel, you have wings.

(From my heart with love, for Alexis & Mia).

Celebrating 75….Grandma Wisdom.

1. “The top thing on my bucket list is…to have sex before I die.”
2. “Laughter is so important. Laugh at yourself, at each other. Laugh!”
3. “Enjoy people’s presence. Really enjoy them.”
4. “Have confidence in yourself. It’s the hardest thing for a woman, but don’t “think” you are beautiful. Know you are beautiful!”
5. “Family is the most important. Your family will always be there when you need them.”
6. “Be friends with your parents. When my mother was sick, she would do the funniest things and we would laugh. That felt good!”
7. “Be careful what you pray for”
8.”Do everything in moderation. Throw a magic mike movie in there…it was amazing! I was squeezing my coke so hard the top popped off and soda went everywhere.”
9. “Pick your battles. Don’t stay angry”
10. “Jealousy is poison. I spent a lot of my married life being that. Made things worse and it was a waste of good time.”
11. “Get up when you get knocked down. Meet it head on. Sometimes challenges are blessings in disguise.”
12.”Now that I’m 75, I know I’m lucky to be here. I know I’m lucky to have my health, but it’s scary now. Another year closer to mortality. You start to wonder how it will all end.”