We Continue To Fail


We continue to fail
We continue to fail decent moral standards
We fly our flags at half staff and mourn
Yet support the trigger
We scream loudly but do nothing in silence
We point to each other with blame
As bullets continue to fly
As bodies continue to drop
As futures continue to disappear
And as the sun rises tomorrow
Today will be a memory most of us forget
But some of us will forever remember
Because a heart felt close is gone
Because the sound of life being taken is deafening
But the rest of us will rest a while
Until another day arrives
To remind us all
How we continue to fail

Land Mines


Peak into this pensive mind
Watch your step…clutter’s covering land mines
Working on sorting through
What to keep and what to bid “adieu”

Of course, once cleared,
The land mines will appear
And It will be up to me to figure
How to navigate this surface of potential triggers.

Introspection will aide in this task
Bringing along perception’s mask
To guide in seeing the different sides
Of these, now uncluttered, land mines.

Still Waters


They say, “still waters run deep”.

A calming surface, dozing sleep. 

Reflecting back what peaks through

No judgments shared, just a mirror image of you.

The wind blows it’s cool breeze

To ripple these “still water’s” ease.

Then clouds send the hard felt rain.

Pattering on the glass like surface pane.

After these elements visit and leave,

These “still waters” settle back down with ease.

No evidence of any bother on the surface.

The elements contemplate “what was my purpose?”

But they never thought to once wonder,

What in the world lives down under?

Is it beautiful treasures which hides there?

Or maybe a vast wasteland empty and bare?

Is it a monster ravenous with anger?

Or a darkness so deep, an uninviting stranger?

So you ask the water, “how deep do you go?”

“Staring at your own reflection, you’ll never know.

You’ll have to jump in so you can see,

How deep these ‘still waters’ can be.”