Deep Seeded



A seed was planted long ago
Watered by the thinking
Some resentments hard to let go
Giving this seed living
Guiding its growth to the light
Pulled back by the darkness
Ego, hate, and selfish pride
Keeping this seed heartless
Time to go back to its roots
Find out what it needs
If we want to bear good fruit
Love and accept this seed.

Thank You, President Donald Trump.

Thank you, President Donald Trump.

Thank you for pulling the rug up and exposing what is underneath.

Thank you for exposing where love is lacked, but where compassion is victorious.

Thank you for exposing where ignorance sleeps, but intolerance is wide awake

Thank you for revealing important decisions are silent, while distractions are loud.

Thank you for exposing a failure of systems, and the power of one voice

Thank you for exposing where bias lives, and the hypocrisy we own

Thank you for encouraging dialogue about our constitution, and exposing the lack of our understanding.

Thank you for pushing each one of us to look at our neighbor and to decide, “I will choose to see you as myself or I will choose to see you as another. I will choose to love you and create an atmosphere of peace or I will choose to hate you and destroy.”

Thank you for reminding us WE have the power to make a change. Thank you for reminding us WE have the power to make America great again.

Thank you for reminding us, while we point our finger at our neighbor and at you, three of those are pointed right back at us.

Thank you, President Donald Trump!

Closed Chapter


Close this chapter, the words are done
It’s time to continue, yesterday is gone
A new chapter awaits your presence
Shed your past’s skin, but take the lessons

Close this chapter, resume your story
Tomorrow will come, with all of its glory
Take your intentions and make them pure
Whatever is to come, is ready to be yours