“Put Down the Pen Someone Else Gave You. No One Ever Drafted a Life Worth Living on Borrowed Ink” – Jack Kerouac

Written For and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Here we are. With the pen of expectations. Creating a list of goals to achieve and marking off our to-do lists with a sense of accomplishment. We hang our degrees on the wall and read aloud our written success stories to feel that pat on the back, and quickly move on to write the next chapter to boast about and prove to the world we are worthy of praise. These are the stories we write, with an ink pen that may not be ours to begin with.

We began our chapters on blank pages. As a child, we wrote from our hearts. With limitless dreams, we wrote in color and included a picture. As the world became smaller, we were told what to be, what not to be, what to say, what not to say. That some of our dreams were so out of reach, the universe swallowed them whole and never allowed us to see a glimpse of them again, they were now somewhere beyond the stars.

But we continue to write our story; though, now, our hands are sometimes guided by outside expectations.  Expectations which force us to be whatever society demands of us.

So here we are. With the pen of expectations, continuing to write, but with a choice – a choice to put down the pen of writing guided by external expectations, or to give back the borrowed ink and introduce the colors back into our pages; our colors, our desires, our expectations, our dreams.  

We are worthy of not only praise, but of pulling our dreams back out of those stars. Onto writing of the next chapter, my hope for you is to see pictures included and limitless possibilities written.