Be Kind, for kindness sparks hope. Hope in humanity, hope in tomorrow and hope in self.

Be Genuine, for a genuine person is sincere in their intentions. Sincere intentions leave no room for doubt.

Be Accepting, for acceptance recognizes we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Be Honest,  for honesty is the warrior which fights fear. We only lie when we are afraid. Don’t be afraid, be honest.

Be Compassionate, for compassion is the helping hand that pulls the world out of its deepest rut.

Be Simple, for simplicity opens us up to the freedom from the complexities we create for ourselves.

Be Connected, for we are all one. Our actions cause other’s reactions.

Be Brave, for bravery is the POSSIBLE in the IMPOSSIBLE. IM POSSIBLE!

Be Love, for Love is the universal language of kindness, genuinity, acceptance, honesty, compassion, simplicity, connectedness, and bravery.

Be Kind. Be Genuine. Be Accepting. Be Honest. Be Compassionate. Be Simple. Be Connected. Be Brave. Be Love. Be the Change.