You’ve lived in darkness for a little while
And then you set yourself free
You’ve roamed to flowers beneath the skies
And shared your grace with trees
You’ve taught us how to embrace a change
And see the world anew
To trust yourself in darkness’ range
And know the light’ll come through
Although your wings will no longer fly
Your wisdom is here and shared
From a caterpillar to a butterfly
Embracing the change that’s lived there

We All Change Colors and Lose Our Leaves, Then We Bloom Again – Maria Lago

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life 

The Fall/Spring equinox has graced us with its presence. In the northern hemisphere, we are enjoying a cooler breeze and watching leaves sway off of trees in vibrant colors. In the southern hemisphere, the world is waking up from the dormant sleep of winter, preparing to bring life back into the bare limbs of trees.

For us, observing this season’s change is a reflection of our own evolution. We experience our own seasons. We are born with the spring season’s invitation. We bask in the summer of life under long warm days. We shed what has died and no longer serves us with the calming winds of autumn. We go inward to provide introspective dormancy for evolution to be born again.

Let us enjoy these seasons of life. Allow ourselves to experience the change these seasons bring. In change, growth is born and limitations are surpassed. Just as the caterpillar needs the seasons to become a butterfly, so do we to evolve into what we aspire to be.

The Butterfly

A butterfly begins its life crawling.

Then lives in darkness, cocooned away.

But it’s in the darkness it grows its wings

And becomes the magic we all have seen

From crawling to dancing in the wind…

We, too, can achieve such a beautiful thing.