“Stop Allowing Your Own Insecurities to Color the Way You Interpret Someone Else’s Intention” – Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Insecurities linger in all of us. Some of us are wearing it on our sleeves, some of us keep them hidden behind confident smiles, and some of us introduce them when we speak our name.

However we carry them, they are the introspective view into ourselves; the things we allow to make us feel inadequate, excluded, and uneasy about who we believe we are. They are the color palette we use to paint our perspective view of the world, each other, and possibilities.

With an assortment of colors, our color palettes are ready to help us create; but the colors we choose to use are the ones we see in the mirror.

The colors we have painted ourselves with, the ones we wear on our sleeve, hide behind the confident smile, and the ones we introduce when we speak our name.

These colors are the colors on the tip of our paintbrush, creating our masterpiece of a life, relationships, and reality.

Take a look at your color palette. What colors are predominant? Deep dark tones or light airy hues? Angry bold reds or peaceful quiet blues? Inquisitive grateful greens or dull gloomy grey?

The wonders of colors are in the possibilities. The possibility to create, to change, to lighten, to darken, to express, to be whatever it is we would like to see. Before we accept the way we are seeing ourselves, our world, each other, and our realities, let’s take a look at the tip of our paint brush and the color palette we are dipping them into.