“Some Winds Take You Places, Others, They Remind You Why You Need Roots” – Kritika (Trigger the Wild)

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

There are many days we step outside and allow the wind to play with our hair. It rushes through sky and trees to kiss our face. Some days we close our eyes and welcome it, and some days we cover our face and wish it away.

On the days we feel light and invite life to gift us with adventure, the winds will come and we will be packed and set to go. It will arrive with whichever direction we are willing to take and will carry us through a journey we have wished for ourselves.

On the days we feel burdened and need some space to be, it will arrive with a gust and test our strength. It will remind us of our roots and whisper to fear that it does not belong here. Because fear needs to realize, even the gust of a wind cannot shake what we have planted, and the gust of the wind will give us the space to prove just that.

Welcome the breeze, and welcome the gust. Depending on the days, they may take us on adventures or they may test our strength. Whichever arrives will be for our growth.

“Don’t Play Victim to Circumstances You Created” – Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Our lives are lived through seasons. The season to learn, the season to grow, the season to be silent, the season to speak up, the season to observe, or the season to act. 

Whichever season we are in, we are reaping the harvest we planted with whatever intention we used to plant our seeds. If we planted our harvest in anger, we should not be surprised to reap a hostile and resistant harvest. If we planted our harvest in joy, we may expect to reap a harvest of blissful crops. 

Our seasons may provide for wonderful opportunities to build the harvest of our character. It may provide for important opportunities to aid us in continuing to peel back the layers of ourselves and invite us to dive deep into the waters of introspection. However, we can only appreciate our harvest, if we are honest with ourselves in what intention we planted our seeds with the circumstances the season of our lives provided. 

There may be many seasons when the harvest does not produce what is needed, but before cursing life, we need to think back to the days of planting and remember what kind of state of mind we were planting in. 


“Don’t Let People Pull You Into Their Storm. Pull Them Into Your Peace” – Kimberly Jones

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Most of us are aware of the connection we have to one another. From the people we live with, to the people we work with, even to the people we engage with on social media.

This connection gives us the gift of empathy; to be able to relate and share one another’s feelings.  Feelings ranging from joy to pain; it allows us to participate in each other’s lives and gives us a sense of community.

Community is a beautiful thing, and although we are responsible for the energy we are contributing to this beautiful concept, we are also responsible in how we engage in the practice of empathy. How we react to the community’s climate and situations.

The splendor of empathy is sharing in the vulnerability someone is exposing. It is observing someone’s storm, but providing them with shelter. Not a compromising shelter, but a shelter in which they are introduced to an alternate view.

Maybe one from above their clouds – peace.

Maybe one from the front porch, where they are able to admire how the rains are providing their seeds with necessary life – peace.

Maybe one only made up of an umbrella, where dancing in these storms cleanses away all worries and is a melodic reminder that storms blow on by and soon will expose clear skies – peace.

Continue to engage. Continue the practice of empathy. Continue to pull a stormy climate into your peace. Community is a beautiful thing, and your contribution can make all of the difference. Contribute well.