“Where Your Mind Goes, Energy Flows”– Ernest Holmes

Written for and published in The Seeds 4 Life

“Where Your Mind Goes, Energy Flows”– Ernest Holmes

How many mountains began as mole hills? Remember what made them grow so big? Were you focusing on the problem or the solution?

How many opportunities began as an exciting adventure, then was lost in the abyss of fear? Remember what sent it into the black hole to never be entertained again? Were you focusing on the excitement of the adventure or everything that may go wrong on the journey?

How many people have you pushed out of your life? Remember what made you push them away? Were you focusing on all the reasons why you were deserving of the love or all the reasons why you were undeserving of the love?

Answering these questions for ourselves may help us understand that our focus dictates the attitude of our journey and the state of our destination. We can let our mind wander to its darkest corners where it tells us the sad and scary stories, paralyzing and convincing us that those corners are the safest space to live in. We can let our mind wander to its open fields, where the horizon is inviting us on a journey to discover self, people, love, and the miracles of the unknown.

If to dark corners or open fields, our mind’s wandering will take our energy right along. Our approach to life is the beginning of this mind walking. Approach life focusing on the dark corners and the mind will take you there dragging your energy with it – depleted, afraid, hopeless, and sad. Approach life focusing on the open fields and the mind will take you there skipping along with energy – excited, amazed, and grateful in adoration.

Every morning when we open our eyes, we can take an inspiring stroll or lock ourselves away. I hope, for energy’s sake, we all choose an inspiring stroll. Happy wandering, friends.

I have….

Painting by Jose Roosevelt

 I have been weak

I have been defeated

I have been confused

I have been mistreated

I have been loathed

I have been hated

I have been envied

I have been slated

I have been judged

I have been betrayed

I have been made a fool

I have been afraid

Despite of it all….

I have not kneeled down

To worship this crown.

Because you see, it’s all in the view,

In how we define what we’ve been through.

And one’s perception only tells

Of the internal anguish in which one dwells.

So it’s best to release of all this displeasure

“Because you are the sky, the rest… it’s just the weather.”

Still Waters


They say, “still waters run deep”.

A calming surface, dozing sleep. 

Reflecting back what peaks through

No judgments shared, just a mirror image of you.

The wind blows it’s cool breeze

To ripple these “still water’s” ease.

Then clouds send the hard felt rain.

Pattering on the glass like surface pane.

After these elements visit and leave,

These “still waters” settle back down with ease.

No evidence of any bother on the surface.

The elements contemplate “what was my purpose?”

But they never thought to once wonder,

What in the world lives down under?

Is it beautiful treasures which hides there?

Or maybe a vast wasteland empty and bare?

Is it a monster ravenous with anger?

Or a darkness so deep, an uninviting stranger?

So you ask the water, “how deep do you go?”

“Staring at your own reflection, you’ll never know.

You’ll have to jump in so you can see,

How deep these ‘still waters’ can be.”

My Heart

The Heart Chakra
         The Heart Chakra

In my extended hand I hold

my unclothed heart for you to unfold.

Invite you in and have you see,

this beating heart, inside of me.

In this heart I hold all treasures,

infinite love and all life’s pleasures.

An open heart is what I give.

Compassionately and truthful, I try to live.

But imperfection also resides

in this unfolded heart of mine

A shadow side for you to uncover.

An honest heart you will discover.

There, you may find a lack of trust

of this world I find unjust.

You may find resentments stored,

and insecurities that I hoard.

You may find my judgments made,

and what makes my heart afraid.

You may find a lack of love,

and the anger I’ve tried to rid myself of.

But what is dark inside of me,

I share with you to be set free.

I hope this gift you will receive;

This heart of mine, upon my sleeve.

And like the light I see in you,

I also see the dark side too.

But now that you have my heart to hold

Allow your heart to begin to unfold.

Mirror, Mirror

Salvdor Dali's Cranach Metamorphosis
Salvador Dali’s                     Cranach Metamorphosis

Mirror, mirror on the wall
There you go, point to my flaws
Here I am, sit and stare
At this body, naked and bare

Mirror, mirror on the wall
To your deceptive ways I fall
Blinded by your strong reflection
Prey to your cruel rejection

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Towering over, I feel so small
Worthless to your expectations
A child of God? Not this creation.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Closing my eyes so I may call
On the light that lives within
To shine its wisdom on my skin

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I accept you and your flaws
Embrace this body and how it’s made
Love myself, the light and shade.

Heavy Heart, Dark Heart

Heavy heart, dark heart, let go of your guilt.
Tear down all those towering walls you have slowly built.
Heavy heart, dark heart, let go of your pain.
Realize to see a rainbow, you have to enjoy the rain.
Heavy heart, dark heart, let go of your worry
Life eventually ends, so smell the roses in no hurry.
Heavy heart, dark heart, let go of your shame
You have the universe inside, you are not your shamed name.
Heavy heart, dark heart, let go of your fear
Look back and see you got through and now you are here.
Heavy heart, dark heart, let go of your grief
Sadness steals today’s joys, don’t let it be your thief.
Heavy heart, dark heart, let go of your Anger
sail your boat away and let forgiveness be your anchor.
Heavy heart, dark heart let go of the load
Keep your baggage light on this beautiful life’s road