“Sometimes You Get the Best Light From a Burning Bridge” – Don Henley

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Our journey in this life is sure to take us on some scenic adventures. Many of us have ended up in places we had never imagined being. Some of us are there now.

Tracing back our steps, there may have been bridges we decided to cross and some that we may have avoided. Our reason for either choice lives in the moment of those decisions. However, deciding to turn around, to stand in front of those bridges again, and to cross back over, may still be an option for some…but is it worth it?

Remember the person you were, standing in front of that bridge? The person who made the decision to either walk away from it or to cross it? Are you that same person standing at that same bridge again?

Remember the bridge and how it looked when you were standing in front of it? Was it strong and safe? Or was it worn and damaged? Is it in the same condition as it was in when you were standing in front of it?

If you turn away from this bridge and look to the horizon, do you see a better opportunity for growth, for change, for a better version of you? Or is this person on the other side of that bridge unchanged?

These questions nobody can honestly answer, but you. And if you decide to cross back over to start again, burn the bridge behind you, so it will provide the light you needed when you got lost and took the wrong turn. And if you decide to look to the horizon, and move on, burn the bridge behind you, so you may never question your decision again and be confident moving forward – With just a small flicker of your past, lighting the way.

“Where Your Mind Goes, Energy Flows”– Ernest Holmes

Written for and published in The Seeds 4 Life

“Where Your Mind Goes, Energy Flows”– Ernest Holmes

How many mountains began as mole hills? Remember what made them grow so big? Were you focusing on the problem or the solution?

How many opportunities began as an exciting adventure, then was lost in the abyss of fear? Remember what sent it into the black hole to never be entertained again? Were you focusing on the excitement of the adventure or everything that may go wrong on the journey?

How many people have you pushed out of your life? Remember what made you push them away? Were you focusing on all the reasons why you were deserving of the love or all the reasons why you were undeserving of the love?

Answering these questions for ourselves may help us understand that our focus dictates the attitude of our journey and the state of our destination. We can let our mind wander to its darkest corners where it tells us the sad and scary stories, paralyzing and convincing us that those corners are the safest space to live in. We can let our mind wander to its open fields, where the horizon is inviting us on a journey to discover self, people, love, and the miracles of the unknown.

If to dark corners or open fields, our mind’s wandering will take our energy right along. Our approach to life is the beginning of this mind walking. Approach life focusing on the dark corners and the mind will take you there dragging your energy with it – depleted, afraid, hopeless, and sad. Approach life focusing on the open fields and the mind will take you there skipping along with energy – excited, amazed, and grateful in adoration.

Every morning when we open our eyes, we can take an inspiring stroll or lock ourselves away. I hope, for energy’s sake, we all choose an inspiring stroll. Happy wandering, friends.

Decisions, Decisions….


Every action that we take

Creates a reaction for the make

Taking us on a path

Of scenic routes or hell’s wrath.

“Do I stay or do I go?”

“Be like water, trust the flow?”

“Will I like the path I choose?”

“Will I win or will I lose?”

Questions lurk in opportunity

Fear is cloaked in security

Outcomes may be best in thought

Missing answers in blind spots.

While the mind is loud in worry

The heart is speaking in a hurry

To try to quiet the void noise

And help us make the right choice.

 “You have made intentions clear

Let go of all doubts and fears

Just let go, I’ll lead the way

Trust in all of the words you pray.”