“Don’t Be Pushed by Your Problems. Be Led by Your Dreams” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

This rhythm of life is made of the music we create. The low tones of worries and the high notes of exhilaration; the melody follows the vibrations we are sending out into the world.  These vibrations, we are creating with the very dance of our thinking. The thought processes we are being pushed by or led by.

In each dance, a partner is introduced. It either grabs us or we invite it onto the ballroom floor. The partner who grabs us is the thinking, which we have allowed to condition our thought process. This partner twirls us around until we are dizzy. It will not use a counting method and will take away all confidence until we lose our footing. We rely on it to make sure we do not make a fool of ourselves and will push us to surrender to the low tones of worry and fear.

Sometimes, however, we hear a lighter melody. One with jubilant notes and an enlightening mystery. One we are curious to dance with and bravely jump to invite onto the ballroom floor. It is as if no other partner could possibly exist and the only less we feel is prefixed with the word limit. Limitless. It leads us into an illuminating realization of who we are and re-introduces us to the songs we left behind when a previous partner grabbed it right out of our hearts. We glide, with this partner, right into our dreams.

The dance of our thinking is an essential gift we have been given. We may observe and greet our partners as they attempt to lure us into the ball. Or we may let it know we have arrived, find the partner with the heart of our dream, and tango.

Confessions of a Daydreamer


Staring into the world
Internalize what I see
Allow myself to feel
The Joys and tragedies

But when it gets too heavy
Retreat myself away
Seek and find idealism
Daydream of better days

Days in a universe
Parallel to all that is
Where manifestation reveals
A world of love and bliss

A daydreamer, that I am
With humility, my confession
I’ll be the change I would like to see
Create it with compassion.

Out of sight, in the mind


Lori Vrba, Blindfold, 2012 Toned Gelatin Silver Print Edition 1/20

Can you still see?
“No, it’s pitch black” you say,
With a tone of uncertainty.

Now think of the things you love
Can you see them all?
“Yes, they are all there.
In my reminiscence wall.”

Now think of the things you loathe
Can you see them too?
“Yes, I see them creeping up
from the abyss of my mind’s view.”

Do you believe it, when they claim
“Out of sight, out of mind?”
“Not after this blindfold
Covered up my eyes.”

“You can close your eyes
to things you don’t want to see”
but know there are many things
that await for you in your memories.

“You can close your eyes
to things you don’t want to feel”
but know there are many things
that are felt in the heart’s zeal.

via Daily Prompt: Eyes


Salvador Dali's The Melting Watch

Salvador Dali’s The Melting Watch

Here I am, complacent
Watching others chasing dreams
With a curious inclination
Did they wait for all lights to turn green?

Here I am, complacent
Day to night, night to day
Is my purpose not so blatant?
Did I lose my way?

Here I am, complacent
Wondering should I take the plunge?
Is it fear that holds me impatient?
Should I just stop and lunge?

Here I am, complacent
Not complacent, just obsessed.
The universe knows intention
Note to self: TRUST THE PROCESS.

And so I did….

I have let dreams be dreams
Out of my line of vision
flying too high to grasp.

I have veered towards paved roads
safe and well kept
yet so easy to get lost.

And so I did. Lost I am.
I have let dreams be dreams
Out of my line of vision
flying too high to grasp.

I have packed my bag heavy
carrying it without complaint
walking down that paved road
with eyes to the painted horizon.

And so I continue. Looking to that painted Horizon.
I have let dreams be dreams
Out of my line of vision
flying too high to grasp.

I have accepted a new vision
one that keeps my feet planted
like a tree only to enjoy the breeze

And so I did. Said goodbye to my dreams.
I have let dreams be dreams
Out of my line of vision
flying too high to grasp.

Your Heaven, Their Hell

In your heaven, dinner is served.
In their hell, hunger pains keep them unnerved.
In your heaven, doors stay unlocked.
In their hell, boundaries are mocked.
In your heaven, a child runs free
In their hell, a caged bird dreams of a tree
In your heaven, the sky is clear
In their hell, bombs rain down on fear
In your heaven, your neighbor is like you
In their hell, prejudice and racism ring true
In your heaven, time is but time
In their hell, days are spent avoiding death’s chime
In your heaven, life is but a dream
In their hell, struggle is the theme.
In your heaven, god is good
In their hell, why are their prayers misunderstood?

In your heaven, a blindfold is worn.
So not to see, it’s in their hell, where your heaven was born.