“What the Caterpillar Calls the End, the Rest of the World Calls a Butterfly” – Lao Tzu

A final piece Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life . 

Evolving. A seed becomes a tree. The ocean becomes rain. We become a heartbeat. It all begins, ends, and evolves into another life of its own.

Once a seed breaks through darkness, it reaches for the light and grows.

Once the ocean welcomes the sunrise, it lifts itself towards the light and celebrates the meeting of air and water.

Once the mother labors, the heartbeat is born into the light to grace it with its presence.

On the other side of darkness, lives the light. On the other side of an ending, lives a new beginning. And whatever WE call the end, may very well be a beautiful evolving into a new beginning.


Closed Chapter


Close this chapter, the words are done
It’s time to continue, yesterday is gone
A new chapter awaits your presence
Shed your past’s skin, but take the lessons

Close this chapter, resume your story
Tomorrow will come, with all of its glory
Take your intentions and make them pure
Whatever is to come, is ready to be yours

Life…what we make it 

Life is what we make it
From the first breath to the last
We go on adventures
Making memories of our past
So kiss a bit longer
Fight a bit less
Speak the words needed
So our hearts may express
The love we have
The love we hold
The words that’ll bring joy
To the sadness in the world
The adventures, meanwhile,
May not last so long
But the imprint on a heart
Will forever live on

The road less traveled.

Travel the roads which are often less traveled
Go on this path and have it unravel
A story of adventures of the unknown
Each chapter written with the pen that you hold
Embrace the unexpected and flow with the changes
Life is a journey expressed on blank pages.

Listen, when the silence speaks.


Listen, when the silence speaks
It’s not in words that which you seek
It lives in the quiet of the dawn
And in the sunset once it’s gone
It comes uncovered in the night
When darkness sets, embracing light
Listen, when the silence speaks
It’s not in words that which you seek

Darkness Fell


Darkness fell on a lovely city
Dimming all its lights
It dragged in fear with synchronicity
Turned a sun filled day into night

Winds extinguished burning candles
Tears were shed from far
Unremorseful cowardly vandals
A night sky without stars

Its not a battle for us to win
Or a war for us to lose
Its a wake up call for us to begin
To love one another and choose

To live in darkness, allow its reign
Or bring stars back to our skies
To let fear rule the hearts in pain
Or invite the sun to rise

Dedicated to my tribe: “Someday We’ll All Be Free.”

Cover by Alicia Keys of Donny Hathaway’s Someday We’ll All Be Free (1973)

Hang onto the world as it spins around
Just don’t let the spin get you down
Things are moving fast
Hold on tight and you will last

Keep your self-respect, your (wo)manly pride
Get yourself in gear, keep your stride
Never mind your fears
Brighter days will soon be here

Take it from me someday, we’ll all be free, yeah

Keep on walking tall, hold your head up high
And lay your dreams right up to the sky
Sing your greatest song
And you’ll keep, going, going on

Take it from me someday, we’ll all be free….