Allow yourself to float away
to go explore, get lost for days
Allow yourself to chase a dream
to look at stars and bathe in streams
Allow yourself to love a heart
to seek a home and create some art
Allow yourself to be alive
to feel the sun and be revived.

“One Day or Day One. You decide.” -Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds for Life.

We speak of our future with goals and dreams, but when that future becomes our today, how many goals and dreams are unrealized? 

“One day…” we tell ourselves, while one-day turns into many days, a week, a month, and years, without the dream or goal realized.

But the today we are present in is different. Today we will decide WHY we have unrealized dreams? What excuses have we made? Why have we allowed dreams to stay dreams? Time?  Finances? Fear? Circumstances are plenty; but if it is important, we will find a way, if not, we will find an excuse. We decide. 

Today, stand firm and take a step forward. Mark the calendar with DAY ONE, because the truth of the matter is, ONE DAY may never come.