“I don’t come from much…”

You come from the dry desert
And summer rains
You come from tree canopies
And sun rays
You come from wild flowers
Through concrete
You come from daylight
At midnight’s arctic
You come from the color of leaves
In the hills of fall
You come from deep oceans
And the wave’s call
You come from thunder rolls
And lightning strikes
You come from the new moon
In the night sky

You, my beautiful one, come from

“What the Caterpillar Calls the End, the Rest of the World Calls a Butterfly” – Lao Tzu

A final piece Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life . 

Evolving. A seed becomes a tree. The ocean becomes rain. We become a heartbeat. It all begins, ends, and evolves into another life of its own.

Once a seed breaks through darkness, it reaches for the light and grows.

Once the ocean welcomes the sunrise, it lifts itself towards the light and celebrates the meeting of air and water.

Once the mother labors, the heartbeat is born into the light to grace it with its presence.

On the other side of darkness, lives the light. On the other side of an ending, lives a new beginning. And whatever WE call the end, may very well be a beautiful evolving into a new beginning.


CH. 36

10. Low expectations lead to less disappointment.

9. Help others for them, not for you.

8. Change may be uncomfortable, but it’ll be painful if resisted.

7. Go inward as often as your spirit calls you to.

6. Self Care is vital for happiness.

5. What we allow, will continue.

4. It’s all about consistency.

3. Don’t tie self value on how someone else sees you.

2. At the end of every chapter, take inventory of your life. Get rid of the clutter and keep the things that give you peace of mind.

1. Worry less about what/who is fake and produce more of what is real.

Thank You, President Donald Trump.

Thank you, President Donald Trump.

Thank you for pulling the rug up and exposing what is underneath.

Thank you for exposing where love is lacked, but where compassion is victorious.

Thank you for exposing where ignorance sleeps, but intolerance is wide awake

Thank you for revealing important decisions are silent, while distractions are loud.

Thank you for exposing a failure of systems, and the power of one voice

Thank you for exposing where bias lives, and the hypocrisy we own

Thank you for encouraging dialogue about our constitution, and exposing the lack of our understanding.

Thank you for pushing each one of us to look at our neighbor and to decide, “I will choose to see you as myself or I will choose to see you as another. I will choose to love you and create an atmosphere of peace or I will choose to hate you and destroy.”

Thank you for reminding us WE have the power to make a change. Thank you for reminding us WE have the power to make America great again.

Thank you for reminding us, while we point our finger at our neighbor and at you, three of those are pointed right back at us.

Thank you, President Donald Trump!

Hello, Sunrise.

Hello, sunrise.
Thank you for showing up again.
I’ve waited all night long for you.
Although, I know the morning will come, I always hope the night rushes to meet you.
Because when it does, it reminds me my day is here and I can choose to live as you do,
illuminating the entire sky.

“We Often Are the Clouds That Block the Sun From Shining on Our Day.” -Uknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

The dawn is breaking; the sunrise begins to greet us through our window curtains. A new day has begun. Are we jumping out of bed, whispering “THANK YOU,” or are we pulling the covers over our heads cursing the daylight’s greeting?

The sun is above us now, shining bright. It is flirting with lakes and oceans, gifting them with glistening reflections of the sky. Are we allowing the sun to embrace us with its warmth? Or are we running from our shadow?

Dusk is creeping in and twilight will soon color the horizon. As the sun kisses the trees good night, are we in gratitude for the day or are we already living in tomorrow?

For the rest of our lifetime, the sun will rise, will play across the sky, and make its way to set. It will be the constant company to our day; behind storm clouds or in clear blue skies. Look up from time to time and be in gratitude for this daily visit.

Another Sunrise Picture….

….yes…based on your perspective, that’s all it is; but maybe it should serve as a reminder that we have been fortunate enough to wake up to a new day. That life is moving, it’s changing, it’s inviting. That your darkness will be illuminated with light if you just OPEN your eyes….and that we are all exposed to the same sky, on this “blue dot”, two-thirds of the way out from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy….orbiting this sun….in another sunrise picture.

Daily Prompt-Breakthrough