Ignorance breeds fear
Fear breeds hate
Hate breeds anger
Anger becomes fate

Fate of the ignorant
Shiny fake gold
Can love exist
In a heart that is cold?

If knowledge breeds understanding
Understanding breeds acceptance
Acceptance breeds love
Love becomes transcendent

Deep Seeded



A seed was planted long ago
Watered by the thinking
Some resentments hard to let go
Giving this seed living
Guiding its growth to the light
Pulled back by the darkness
Ego, hate, and selfish pride
Keeping this seed heartless
Time to go back to its roots
Find out what it needs
If we want to bear good fruit
Love and accept this seed.

Hate…I See You.

Hate, I see your face
Fear. Fear of what is different
It’s the unknown you can’t take.

Hate, I see your eyes.
Tunnel visioned perceptions
The only colors, black and white.

Hate, I see your hands.
Balled up into fists
and drowning in quicksand

Hate, I see your heart.
Dying of a thirst you can’t
Cure yourself of

Hate, I see your mind.
Thinking with ignorant arrogance
Making your whole world blind.

Hate, I see your struggle.
It’s the absence of LOVE that’s got
You in trouble.

Hateful Heart

In a hateful heart
Lives a frightened soul
One that sees the world
Wearing a blindfold

In a hateful heart
Lives a lost dream
One that feels defeated
A battle told by screams

In a hateful heart
Lives a gleam of light
One that casts a shadow
Distracting days to night

In a hateful heart
Lives an untold ending
One whose path can change
When LOVE begins its mending


So you hate…you hate, because you believe what is different is not right. You hate because you see with your eyes, instead of your heart. You hate because you follow a narrow path, instead of realizing the paths are many.
But once you realize, hate is simply caused by misunderstanding….you may love.
You may love what is different because you now know, the difference is what makes a “thing” the beautiful “thing” that it is.
You may love because your heart sees hearts. It does not see the labeled shells we wear, begging for the validation from other egos.
You may love because the beauty of life is the journey….and in the end, our destinations are the same. To go back to become dust.
What is different, is not wrong. What is hate, is what is wrong…and hate has never made this world a better place.

Where love may live


I am sorry child, I have brought you here
I know this place is scary
It seems it’s filled with so much hate
A burden for you to carry

I’ll hold your hand
To let you know
The world is good and kind
Do not let shadows
Scare your heart
Begin with the love inside

And when the world
Begins to weep
Let your light shine through
For a better world
Where love may live
Will also begin with you

When the Heart speaks…

Cassiopeia 'Heart And Soul Nebulae'

Cassiopeia ‘Heart And Soul Nebulae’

When the Heart speaks….

ask: what is your intention?

When the Heart speaks pain,

Let it make you feel the hurt, accept it, release.

When the Heart speaks joy,

Let it dance with your bliss, embrace it and give it away.

When the Heart speaks hate,

Take a look at the reflection and forgive what’s looking back.

When the Heart speaks love,

Let it declare it is there, as loud as it desires to be.

When the Heart speaks sadness,

Follow its echo inward and let it flow outward through tears.

When the Heart speaks happiness,

Let it flow through your body, touch your lips, and smile.

When the Heart speaks….

answer: you are me and I am you.

Who are you to judge?


Who are you to judge my skin?
To be prejudice
to the body I am living in?

Who are you to judge my love?
To blindly hate on
this beautiful gift from above?

Who are you to judge my God?
to cast your stones
and call my creed a fraud?

Who are you to judge my dreams?
to mock the
future I plan to redeem?

Who are you to judge my story?
to celebrate my
failures and find fault in my glory?

Who are you to judge me so?
Oh now I see.
You are the one I point my finger to
forgetting three of those point right back at me.