The Long Road

It’s a long road
The road to healing
At times unpaved
We may get lost
Towards more scenic routes
Where the heart is burst open
And Sunrise shimmer with colors
So Sunsets can paint the sky
Finding our way again
With a surer self
Until we realize
It’s in the uncertainty
We feel at home
So, travel on
That long road.
But keep the heart open
And take your SELF along.


“I don’t come from much…”

You come from the dry desert
And summer rains
You come from tree canopies
And sun rays
You come from wild flowers
Through concrete
You come from daylight
At midnight’s arctic
You come from the color of leaves
In the hills of fall
You come from deep oceans
And the wave’s call
You come from thunder rolls
And lightning strikes
You come from the new moon
In the night sky

You, my beautiful one, come from

Hate…I See You.

Hate, I see your face
Fear. Fear of what is different
It’s the unknown you can’t take.

Hate, I see your eyes.
Tunnel visioned perceptions
The only colors, black and white.

Hate, I see your hands.
Balled up into fists
and drowning in quicksand

Hate, I see your heart.
Dying of a thirst you can’t
Cure yourself of

Hate, I see your mind.
Thinking with ignorant arrogance
Making your whole world blind.

Hate, I see your struggle.
It’s the absence of LOVE that’s got
You in trouble.

What will you do?

What will you do with all that heart?
Will you pursue passions?
Will you create art?
Will you give it freely?
Will you lock it away?
Will you let the world harden it?
Will you keep love at bay?

Whatever it is, you decide to do,
The heart is strong, the heart is you.

“I Am Mine. Before I Am Ever Anyone Else’s” – Nayyirah Waheed

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

We are born into this world and are predetermined to need love and affection. We crave inclusivity and dread rejection. We are tribal by nature and as introverted as some of us may be, we do need the interaction with other human beings. Human nature is a beautiful creation.

We are to celebrate this beautiful creation with giving all that we are born predetermined with, all we crave, and all we need, to ourselves first. Celebrate this creation by loving ourselves, being kind with our self-talk, taking time to rest and to recharge, pursue our passions, and nurture our growth with what feeds it. Be comfortable in our own skin and live unapologetically as who we are.

Be yours, first. None of us are a half of something. We are a whole on our own. As messy or as put together as we may be; we are complete and belong to the heart we see reflecting back when we look in the mirror. Love that heart. It’s the only one we will ever have and the only one we will ever share. Be yours, first.

Hateful Heart

In a hateful heart
Lives a frightened soul
One that sees the world
Wearing a blindfold

In a hateful heart
Lives a lost dream
One that feels defeated
A battle told by screams

In a hateful heart
Lives a gleam of light
One that casts a shadow
Distracting days to night

In a hateful heart
Lives an untold ending
One whose path can change
When LOVE begins its mending