I Do Not Stand Alone


I do not stand alone
I stand with all that is behind me
I stand with what is yet to come
I stand with how they have defined me
I stand with all that I have won
I stand with strength that I have earned
I stand with love I have received
I stand with faith that I have kept
I stand with what I have believed
I stand with heart
I stand with soul
I stand with what it is I AM
I do not stand alone

Judge Me


Judge the way I grow
Judge the way I shine
Judge me by my lack of grace
Judge my spoken mind
Judge the way I love
Judge me by my silence
Judge the way I lose myself
Judge all of my defiance

None of me is for you
When you judge
You judge you too


I am a WOMAN

My body has curves

My body has scars

My body has memories

My body is MINE

I am a WOMAN

With a heart that feels

With a heart that loves

With a heart that gives

With a heart that forgives

I am a WOMAN

With intellectual thoughts

With an intelligent mind

With a humble past

With future goals

I am a WOMAN

I am my OWN

I am my SELF

I am a WOMAN

“Validation Is For Parking” – Austin Kleon

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

“Tell me who I am. Tell me what I’m worth.” If WE ARE not the ones asking this to ourselves, then we are asking the wrong person. What others know about us is what we choose to share…filtered through their own perception of life. Frankly, the validity others provide for us has nothing to do with us. It has all to do with how THEY see themselves and their world. Why be so consumed with seeking others to validate our existence?

If we pinch ourselves, we feel it. If we look into a mirror, we see a reflection. If we drink a hot cup of coffee, we taste the warmth and flavor of a beverage. We exist. We are real. There are many things outside of another person’s validation that reminds us we are here. A “like,” a retweet, a “heart,” a “share,” or a comment, are contributions that serve as reminders to each other that what we share on these platforms, resonates with another’s thinking and perspective. It is a bias opinion and bias opinions are all there is.

Validation is for parking. That is where we should seek it. In other aspects of our lives, we need to learn how to embrace ourselves, learn how to live our lives without asking for another’s permission or acceptance. It is our life. Our journey. WE tell others who we are. WE show others what our worth is. And if we are confident enough in who we are and our worth, then telling others won’t be necessary.


Dedicated to my fellow creators…..

“These friends of mine will come and go
I’m the first to leave, and last to know
I’ll be swimming in a face of flames
For these friends of mine I’ve overpaid
And I guess I wanted
And I guess I wanted
I just want you to know

All of these things make me who I am
Maybe all of these things make me who I am
Maybe all of these things make me who I am
And I am
Only looking up when my heads down…”