Blind Spot

Eye of Horus

In this line of vision
There’s a blind spot that lives
Where unawareness exists
Where an unknown ignorance persists
But the spot disappears
When we change our perspective
So that we may observe the parts
We had unknowingly kept in the dark
However, the irony subsists
In not what is exposed
The flaw is in the illusion
That what we see is a final conclusion.
What we have to remember
A changed perspective shifts
Not only the viewer’s perception
But a newly formed blind spot’s


Salvador Dali's Gala of spheres
Salvador Dali’s Gala of spheres

Lately I have come to a conclusion,
All of life is but an illusion.

My perception of you,
Is what my mind tells me to be true.
Your assumption of me,
Is what you hope I will be.

The future we dream
Once there, is not what it seems.
The past we recall
With sentiments not felt then at all.

We treat obstacles as trouble;
And see challenges as problems.
But Once they are worked through,
We realize lessons were learned and we grew.

As so goes for love;
The universal language from which we evolve.
Often Confusing lust and desire.
Only to realize, it’s another’s love you admire

Lately I have come to a conclusion,
All of life is but an illusion

Reality Created

“Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one”

~Albert Einstein

First sight, no judgment, no prejudice. A soul in a shell. So begins inquisitiveness. The inquisitiveness to finding, the experience of actions and reactions. Thus, the observation of consequential outcome introduces fear. Belief comes to combat fear, introducing a lens bias to validity. Perception pairs up with validity, a codependency of their independent survival. What perception does not recognize, validity finds invalid. What is invalid will be adopted by perception as such.

Observation of outcome, fear, belief, validity, perception. “Reality Created.”

Inquisitiveness, Actions, Reactions, Experience, Perception, Validity. Reality Created.