“Stop Allowing Your Own Insecurities to Color the Way You Interpret Someone Else’s Intention” – Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Insecurities linger in all of us. Some of us are wearing it on our sleeves, some of us keep them hidden behind confident smiles, and some of us introduce them when we speak our name.

However we carry them, they are the introspective view into ourselves; the things we allow to make us feel inadequate, excluded, and uneasy about who we believe we are. They are the color palette we use to paint our perspective view of the world, each other, and possibilities.

With an assortment of colors, our color palettes are ready to help us create; but the colors we choose to use are the ones we see in the mirror.

The colors we have painted ourselves with, the ones we wear on our sleeve, hide behind the confident smile, and the ones we introduce when we speak our name.

These colors are the colors on the tip of our paintbrush, creating our masterpiece of a life, relationships, and reality.

Take a look at your color palette. What colors are predominant? Deep dark tones or light airy hues? Angry bold reds or peaceful quiet blues? Inquisitive grateful greens or dull gloomy grey?

The wonders of colors are in the possibilities. The possibility to create, to change, to lighten, to darken, to express, to be whatever it is we would like to see. Before we accept the way we are seeing ourselves, our world, each other, and our realities, let’s take a look at the tip of our paint brush and the color palette we are dipping them into.


“You Are Confined Only by the Walls You Build Yourself” – Andrew Murphy

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life

In a small room we convince ourselves that is all we are deserving of. Inside of those four walls, we make ourselves comfortable, and create a world limited to what we have built around us. We look out of the window from time to time, admiring those who built no walls around them. They walk freely, they run freely, they love freely, without any walls stopping their pace.

In our admiration we wonder, “How can I be like them?”– Not realizing the window we are looking out of, is in the room with the four walls WE ourselves have built. We built those walls with our insecurities, our fears, our self-proclaimed inadequacies. We built those walls with lack of faith, external validation seeking, and failed expectations. We built those walls to protect a broken heart, to hide our true selves, and to avoid being defined by society. Brick by brick, higher and higher. And so, we live within our creation. Limited to our four walls.

Fortunately for us, bricks made of insecurities, fears, and all of those other destructive adopted ideas, are weak. They can be punched out and destroyed by believing in ourselves, incorporating faith, and practicing self-love. Every day, punch a brick out. Let the fresh air in and invite the sun to play. One by one, the bricks will fall and soon we will join those walking freely, running freely, and loving freely.

Let it go…

The burden that wears one down.

The smile that makes one frown.

The thought that stirs up confusion.

The picture that’s just an illusion.

The emotion that causes the fight.

The idea that serves nothing right.

The focus that wastes one’s time.

The reflection that lacks sublime.

The hurt that causes pain.

The notion of going insane.

The assumption, it’s all that we know.

All of the above, let it go.


Vladimir Kush's surreal landscapes
Vladimir Kush’s surreal landscapes

Put your values in other’s hands

expect for them to lay out life’s plans

Concern yourself with their illusion

Be a prisoner to their conclusion

Know inadequacies are self-imposed

From insecurities you expose

These anxieties limit abilities

Reckless smothering of possibilities

Compare yourself to another’s surface

Ignore your reason, God-given purpose

Believe yourself to be inferior

Fall to opinions of false superiors

Know perspective impacts the view

You are the judge, but the object too

Trust you’re substandard or boundless adept

The mind only sees what it’s ready to accept

We suffer because we think….

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin
               The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

Our mind is powerful beyond our own comprehension; and so it makes us suffer. It creates our realities and allows for us to expand our horizons or keep ourselves imprisoned in our thought processes. It provides for interesting conversations with ourselves of momentary clarity or aching confusion. Even when we sleep, the mind travels through our subconscious, rummaging through our deepest thoughts and compiling dreams that may wake us up in drenched sweat. It never stays quiet. It can argue with itself or stroke its own ego all in the same conversation. It can make itself up but then change itself 2 seconds later….and once the decision is followed through, it can harbor regret and guilt in its deepest corners creating agitating doubt. It makes it all a terrible tragedy, when the reality of it all is no such thing. It creates fear and plays with it by introducing ideas which feeds its growth. So what to do? Don’t stop to think….just stop to think.

Mirror, Mirror

Salvdor Dali's Cranach Metamorphosis
Salvador Dali’s                     Cranach Metamorphosis

Mirror, mirror on the wall
There you go, point to my flaws
Here I am, sit and stare
At this body, naked and bare

Mirror, mirror on the wall
To your deceptive ways I fall
Blinded by your strong reflection
Prey to your cruel rejection

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Towering over, I feel so small
Worthless to your expectations
A child of God? Not this creation.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Closing my eyes so I may call
On the light that lives within
To shine its wisdom on my skin

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I accept you and your flaws
Embrace this body and how it’s made
Love myself, the light and shade.