Love Lessons Learned…thus far

'The Singing Butler' by artist Jack Vettriano. Vettriano said today that he does not want to be remembered for 'The Singing Butler' - one of his most famous pictures.  Vettriano, 58, was speaking ahead of an exhibition at Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery in Fife featuring 35 new works from the last few years, many inspired by visits to Italy and the French Riviera.  Vettriano’s The Singing Butler fetched £750,000 at auction in 2004 PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday March 24, 2010.  See PA story ARTS Vettriano. Photo credit should read: Jack Vettriano /PA Wire Handout photo issued by the artist
‘The Singing Butler’ by artist Jack Vettriano.

1. Never try to save someone from themselves, in the end, the one who will need saving is you.
2. Understand everyone loves differently. Some love with cooking you dinner, and some love with leaving you a note to remind you how wonderful you are.
3. If someone is only impressed by your material wealth, expect a hollow heart.
4. Always listen when you hear and think before you speak.
5. Be the person you want the other to be.
6. Give to give and receive with appreciation and without expectation
7. Always argue fair and never point a finger in blame. Remember when you are pointing your finger at someone, three of them are pointing right back at you.
8. Never be ashamed to SHOW love. Even if it means you may get rejected. Love is better expressed than repressed.
9. When a relationship ends, no matter the circumstances, let go of it along with any anger or resentment. Wish the person well and hope they find a better love than what you gave. Energy is reciprocated, what you put out you get back.
10. A broken heart will heal. The next person to hold it is not responsible for what happened to it before.
11. Choose someone who will make you a better person.