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The sadness you harbor
Makes living much harder
And that resentment you hold
From all the lies you’ve been told
Won’t make your heart heal
Of the anger you feel
And all of those times
When they were unkind
Know it was not you
They were living THEIR truth
So forgive all the heartless
Shine on…LOVE regardless

Where love may live


I am sorry child, I have brought you here
I know this place is scary
It seems it’s filled with so much hate
A burden for you to carry

I’ll hold your hand
To let you know
The world is good and kind
Do not let shadows
Scare your heart
Begin with the love inside

And when the world
Begins to weep
Let your light shine through
For a better world
Where love may live
Will also begin with you



Be Kind, for kindness sparks hope. Hope in humanity, hope in tomorrow and hope in self.

Be Genuine, for a genuine person is sincere in their intentions. Sincere intentions leave no room for doubt.

Be Accepting, for acceptance recognizes we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Be Honest,  for honesty is the warrior which fights fear. We only lie when we are afraid. Don’t be afraid, be honest.

Be Compassionate, for compassion is the helping hand that pulls the world out of its deepest rut.

Be Simple, for simplicity opens us up to the freedom from the complexities we create for ourselves.

Be Connected, for we are all one. Our actions cause other’s reactions.

Be Brave, for bravery is the POSSIBLE in the IMPOSSIBLE. IM POSSIBLE!

Be Love, for Love is the universal language of kindness, genuinity, acceptance, honesty, compassion, simplicity, connectedness, and bravery.

Be Kind. Be Genuine. Be Accepting. Be Honest. Be Compassionate. Be Simple. Be Connected. Be Brave. Be Love. Be the Change.