“Don’t Play Victim to Circumstances You Created” – Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Our lives are lived through seasons. The season to learn, the season to grow, the season to be silent, the season to speak up, the season to observe, or the season to act. 

Whichever season we are in, we are reaping the harvest we planted with whatever intention we used to plant our seeds. If we planted our harvest in anger, we should not be surprised to reap a hostile and resistant harvest. If we planted our harvest in joy, we may expect to reap a harvest of blissful crops. 

Our seasons may provide for wonderful opportunities to build the harvest of our character. It may provide for important opportunities to aid us in continuing to peel back the layers of ourselves and invite us to dive deep into the waters of introspection. However, we can only appreciate our harvest, if we are honest with ourselves in what intention we planted our seeds with the circumstances the season of our lives provided. 

There may be many seasons when the harvest does not produce what is needed, but before cursing life, we need to think back to the days of planting and remember what kind of state of mind we were planting in. 


“….The ocean never handed me the gift of swimming. I gave it to myself.”— Y.Z., what I forgot to remember

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

We have many teachers in our lives. Many who have taught us lessons on love, trust, and survival. We may think of these people fondly, or we may think of them with regret. Either way, these people have taught us.

As students of life, we may assume we do not have a choice in some of the experiences life navigates us through. We may assume we meet our teachers by chance. We may assume the lessons we learn are just the side effect of chance meetings and relationships. Although these assumptions may need validation, what is measurable, is our willingness anddesire to learn and add the lesson to our life book.

As students, we make a choice in the learning. We make a choice in our approach to each experience. We make a choice in cultivating relationships and practicing introspection. We give ourselves the opportunity to grow in life, to lead in it, or to be a victim to it and be led by it.

The gift of learning is there. Waiting to be unwrapped and applied. It’s ours. Pick it up and don’t forget to send a thank you note into the universe.

CH. 35


10. Nature speaks

9. Beauty is everywhere. Even in darkness.

8. Silence speaks louder than words.

7. Procrastination always catches up to us.

6. Loving someone can also be done from a distance.

5. Our insecurities can misinterpret anyone’s intention.

4. Never invite the outside world into intimate areas of life. Those should stay sacred.

3. Everyone we judge is our mirror.

2. Trust a person until they give you a reason not to.

1. When fear sets in, do it scared, and call on faith.

Love Lessons Learned…thus far

'The Singing Butler' by artist Jack Vettriano. Vettriano said today that he does not want to be remembered for 'The Singing Butler' - one of his most famous pictures.  Vettriano, 58, was speaking ahead of an exhibition at Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery in Fife featuring 35 new works from the last few years, many inspired by visits to Italy and the French Riviera.  Vettriano’s The Singing Butler fetched £750,000 at auction in 2004 PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday March 24, 2010.  See PA story ARTS Vettriano. Photo credit should read: Jack Vettriano /PA Wire Handout photo issued by the artist

‘The Singing Butler’ by artist Jack Vettriano.

1. Never try to save someone from themselves, in the end, the one who will need saving is you.
2. Understand everyone loves differently. Some love with cooking you dinner, and some love with leaving you a note to remind you how wonderful you are.
3. If someone is only impressed by your material wealth, expect a hollow heart.
4. Always listen when you hear and think before you speak.
5. Be the person you want the other to be.
6. Give to give and receive with appreciation and without expectation
7. Always argue fair and never point a finger in blame. Remember when you are pointing your finger at someone, three of them are pointing right back at you.
8. Never be ashamed to SHOW love. Even if it means you may get rejected. Love is better expressed than repressed.
9. When a relationship ends, no matter the circumstances, let go of it along with any anger or resentment. Wish the person well and hope they find a better love than what you gave. Energy is reciprocated, what you put out you get back.
10. A broken heart will heal. The next person to hold it is not responsible for what happened to it before.
11. Choose someone who will make you a better person.


Salvador Dali's The Melting Watch

Salvador Dali’s The Melting Watch

Here I am, complacent
Watching others chasing dreams
With a curious inclination
Did they wait for all lights to turn green?

Here I am, complacent
Day to night, night to day
Is my purpose not so blatant?
Did I lose my way?

Here I am, complacent
Wondering should I take the plunge?
Is it fear that holds me impatient?
Should I just stop and lunge?

Here I am, complacent
Not complacent, just obsessed.
The universe knows intention
Note to self: TRUST THE PROCESS.