The Long Road

It’s a long road
The road to healing
At times unpaved
We may get lost
Towards more scenic routes
Where the heart is burst open
And Sunrise shimmer with colors
So Sunsets can paint the sky
Finding our way again
With a surer self
Until we realize
It’s in the uncertainty
We feel at home
So, travel on
That long road.
But keep the heart open
And take your SELF along.

CH. 38

10. Hear the words, but note the action.

9. Keep your side of the street clean.

8. Love language matters. If they matter to you, know what their love language is.

7. Take nothing personally. Most of us are projecting our own shit on each other.

6. Don’t be distracted by the bullshit covered in fake grass.

5. Mindset is everything.

4. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.”

3. Consistency is the most necessary ingredient.

2. “Speak only if it improves upon the silence.”

1. Be kind, be love, but have boundaries like a motherfucker!

CH. 36

10. Low expectations lead to less disappointment.

9. Help others for them, not for you.

8. Change may be uncomfortable, but it’ll be painful if resisted.

7. Go inward as often as your spirit calls you to.

6. Self Care is vital for happiness.

5. What we allow, will continue.

4. It’s all about consistency.

3. Don’t tie self value on how someone else sees you.

2. At the end of every chapter, take inventory of your life. Get rid of the clutter and keep the things that give you peace of mind.

1. Worry less about what/who is fake and produce more of what is real.

“Grow Through What You Go Through” – Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Many of us find ourselves in situations which take us out of our comfort zones.

Some may cause us anxiety and discomfort. Some may cause us to feel lost, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Some may even feel like a monotonous cycle of “stuck in a rut.”

Whatever our judgment of our situation, we can see it using our “comfort zone” as the perspective or we can see it using “opportunity” as the perspective.

The comfort zone perspective sets the situation up to be judged and compared.

The opportunity perspective sets the situation up to be an agent of change.

Growth cannot transpire in judgment and comparison. Growth transpires in change. If we are willing to be uncomfortable, growth will be the first to greet us, and our expanded mind will never shrink back to the comfort zone it began with.

So, go baby, go, and grow baby, grow!

“True Love Is Not Found. It Is Built” – Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

In many fairy tales, the happily ever after love stories are ingrained in our perspective of how love should come into our lives. We will find true love when the dragon is slain, or when the glass slipper fits; maybe even when we are kissed by the right person. Or when we are no longer mermaids and grow legs? Most of us know some of those stories, but we also know (all too well), love does not find us and we do not find love in any of those ways.

Love is not playing hide and go seek with us. Love first exists inside of ourselves and is projected out into the world based on how we perceive it, how we speak it, how we act in the name of it. It is available to be ours and for us to give away when we choose to. It is a home we can build with the foundation and the bricks of our choosing.

The foundation can be made up of many things we find of importance when loving someone and being loved in return. Trust, loyalty, understanding, genuineness – can all be amongst the foundation on which love is built. The bricks we use can be made up of the memories shared, milestones, the acts of love we have given and received. These bricks can also be the arguments, the misunderstandings, and the growth love has given us the privilege of experiencing.

From time to time, step outside of the front door of this home and admire it. Admire the way it was built and ensure the foundation is still solid. There may be some wear and tear, but with continued maintenance and attention, this home will forever be a place where love continues to grow.

“I Never Lose. Either I Win or I Learn.” – Nelson Mandela

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life

Uncertainties may live in our trying; the uncertainty of the outcome, of our abilities, or even of our decision to try at something.

Many of us try, fall, get back up, dust ourselves off, and try again. Many of us try, fall and stay there for a little while; wondering if it is even worth to try again. But we try again – we may fail or we may succeed. The uncertainty remains, but there is a gift waiting to be accepted – the lesson.

The lesson is the certainty in the trying. It is the help line we pick up when we fall to help us in trying again. It is the bumper sticker we can add to the collections of all the others we have been gifted over the years, to remind us the value of our life is in our journey and how we travel it.

Try, fail, get back up, try again, we may succeed, we may fall again. But pick up the lesson, carry it with you and allow it to be the friend you need when you are looking at the face of uncertainty.

Listen as it whispers to you, “I am here to help you grow, you will never lose. So let’s try again.” Onward!

“You Are Responsible for the Energy You Bring Into a Space” – Jill Bolte Taylor

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

“Hello, my name is….” and your energy has introduced itself.

In a space full of people or in a space with just one, our energy is the invisible business card that is handed out before we even open our mouths to say our given name. It is the invisible field which travels a foot in front of us when we enter a room and the residue left behind when we leave it. It is the imprint we leave on the space we have occupied.

And the only person responsible for this business card, invisible field, residue, and imprint is not the person who is judging it, but the person who is bringing it.

Surely we have all been guilty of having a bad day and entering a room with our baggage, but how many of us made sure to leave it by the door so nobody else had to carry it?

Surely we all have been guilty of judging a stranger, but how many of us have reflected on that judgment at that moment?  If we are judging this stranger based on the energy they entered the room with, how is OUR energy reflecting us as a person?

Surely we all have been guilty of blaming an argument on the other party, but how many of us have taken the time to reflect on the energy we brought into the space to allow things to escalate?

Surely we all have been guilty of falling prey to existing negative energetic fields, but how many of us have taken the time to change our own energetic contribution to change the frequency of a room?

A space is a place of potential. Potential to be transformed into the world which best reflects our intentions. It is out of those intentions we create the world we are living and participating in.

Energy flows into our intentions and there is no better person than ourselves to ensure our energy is providing our intentions with the very best our human heart has to offer. Every space deserves it and you have the responsibility to bring it.



We give our energy to trivial things
How we look, what people think
Worrying about the coming days
Failing to fill the present with praise
Lost in thoughts while roses bloom
Escaping sunshine in search of gloom
Loving people who hurt our hearts
Mistreating those who accept those parts
These distractions are undeserving
Of any more time you have been serving
Say farewell, take love, and go
Rest your mind, let energy flow